GB6AR in Wales

Russell Coward g4xkr at
Sat Oct 14 00:23:16 EDT 1995

Hi all,

	Just a quick note to confirm that we will be operating GB6AR 
from Wales in the M/S category of CQWW. The GB call is to enable us 
to take advantage of the new 10 Minute rule.

You see the normal UK licence does not allow you to have TWO signals 
on HF at the same time.

Joel, VE6WQ will be operating with us this time. Also outside the 
contest, he may get chance to operate CW depending on travel 

73,Russ G4XKR

>From n6ig at (Jim Pratt)  Sat Oct 14 00:42:50 1995
From: n6ig at (Jim Pratt) (Jim Pratt)
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 1995 16:42:50 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Egg-on-Face
Message-ID: <199510132342.QAA03088 at>

N2IC wrote:
> dipoles and verticals, when I suddenly had an S-7 noise level.  Through the
> usual process of diagnosis and elimination, I found that the S-7 noise level
> was there even when NO antenna was connected.  The noise sounds like white
> noise - no real modulation.  It varies in strength from band-to-band, but is
> the same within a band.  Switching thru the attenuator steps has a very small
> effect - maybe 1 dB drop in the noise for each 6 dB attenuation switched in.
> Switching on the AIP drops the noise considerably.  BTW, signals that are over
> S-7 can be heard - the receiver is still functioning.
> Any 950 (or maybe even 940 or 930) owners ever experience this before ?  What
> was the fix ?

No, Steve, that's the way it is supposed to operate!  Don't bother 
sending it back, just enjoy the benefits of this fine piece of equipment 
while operating the contests (hee hee...)

(Now, with him out of the way, who else is there...:.>)

Jim  N6IG

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