Digital traffic (Was 40m SSB Intruders)

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> > I think that all the digital stuff above 7050 or so is 
> >driving the phone ops from south of the border into the cw band. 
> Definately is the digital stuff.  Go up there and listen some time.  
> The problem with the digital modes is that the operator can turn down th=
> volume on his transceiver and go to the bathroom (or whatever) and come =
> to see if his side of the QSO went through.  Meanwhile, you have all of =
> rest of us on CW and SSB trying to actually copy a signal.  Guess who wi=
> The computer doesn't get mad when it can't complete an exchange, it just
> tries again.

I beg to differ. The problem with the digital stuff is that a massive
percentage of it is automatic so-called traffic handling (take a listen
sometime when you aren't in a contest, using one of these all-singing,
all-dancing multimode boxes). These machines start up right on top of
you and there ain't a thing you can do about it, and the person who owns
the license of the station that has just blown your run frequency
doesn't even know it because he's out at the shopping mall or on the
beach or whatever. Makes me sick, it does, especially since I prefer the
high end of the CW band to the m=EAl=E9e down at the bottom end. These day=
though, you're better off down there, at least until the K3** patented
frequency clearing mechanism gains more adherents.

> Sooooo...  Until "they" set aside a seperate portion of the band for ONL=
> digital signals, we will be forced to deal with the inevidable results o=
> the increased digital traffic.

Just so long as "they" simultaneously ban digital sigs from "our" part of 
the bands.

> You should be pointing your fingers at the digital guys or even better y=
> the guys that do the allocations.  Definatley not the guys on SSB.  They=
> just responding to a problem.

I concur.

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