Problem transmitting with IC765 using beverage

PaulKB8N at PaulKB8N at
Mon Oct 23 21:57:12 EDT 1995


Randy is right on!  The reason you'll often have unwanted coupling problems
on 160M is because the traditional choking and bypassing values of components
aren't sufficient for that low a frequency.  I recommend grounding the
beverage to your ground system via a relay during transmit.  It then
contributes to your transmitted signal as a long radial, yet does not cause
any unwanted coupling.

I've had the coupled signal get into my ALC and reduce output power to nearly
zero, into the power supply and cause a terrible hum, and into the audio and
cause terrible squeals.  I was able to solve all of these problems with
extensive bypassing, but grounding the receive antenna is the simplest and
best remedy.  I'm presently using an unterminated beverage along my
fenceline, and it becomes my ONLY radial during transmit.  I don't have a
crushing 160M signal, but I do get out!  GL, Paul, KB8N

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