Is CT9 compatible with FT1000?

Wed Oct 25 14:35:41 EDT 1995

I know this should be held to the CT reflector - but -

Jeff is describing the Exact problem I have with CTv9.x, except that in my
case, the extreme sluggishness will usualy star after 400-600 Q's have been

I then dump the rig control and finish the contest with manual band changes.

To answer questions posted by 2 other people responding - My FT-1000 is 8
months old and has the new chip, and yes, the COMTSR is being run.

I've not seen this problem posted before - it would be nice if there was a
simple answer.



[subj:	Is CT9 compatible with FT1000?
[Date:	95-10-25 10:38:20 EDT
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[I got my computer interface for the FT1000 working.  But, when I tried
[to fire up CT9, they wouldn't work together.  I can't imagine that these
[two would be incompatible, so hopefully I can get some pointers here.
[When I run CT 9.23, the screen repeatedly says Yaesu Radio Timeout.
[The keyboard is EXTREMELY sluggish, apparently waiting for the radio.
[The POLL commands has been removed and I remember the Yaesu owners
[asking how the program was going to work, since we needed that
[What's the answer?  Does the latest version computer interface?
[Can 9.23 be made to work?
[Thanks very much for the time.
[73 de N9HZQ
[ --
[Jeff Tucker, N9HZQ
[jefft at

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