WF1B-RTTY list has moved!

reisert at reisert at
Wed Oct 25 19:31:37 EDT 1995

[This is the last one of these messages, I promise!]

The WF1B-RTTY mailing list (reflector) has moved to  If you 
were on the old list, you are AUTOMATICALLY on the new list.

The new address is:

	wf1b-rtty at

The new -request address is:

	wf1b-rtty-REQUEST at

Mail sent to the old address will forward to the new address until
November 3, at which point it will probably STOP working.  So please
use the new address instead of the old one!

Thanks to Lyndon, VE7TCP, for hosting this list.  He's providing the hardware 
only, Ray WF1B and I will set the list policy.

73 - Jim AD1C
reisert at

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