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Thu Oct 26 10:54:50 EDT 1995

A while back there was some discussion on this reflector about how to
install a 24 foot mast on top of a tower which was already erected.
Yesterday, I and an unnamed coconspirator tried to do just that.  We
wimped out with the mast poking above the tower but starting to tilt
precipitously because the mast was help 9 feet from the end (10 feet of
gin pole above the tower) and was thus off-balance. 

We eased the mast down to the ground.  No contest this weekend!

Anyway, some of the earlier suggestions included temporarily removing
rungs from the tower.  Don't have AB105; am using Rohn 45.  So, if I
hacksaw one horizontal rung and one Z (diagonal) rung in order to squeeze
in the twenty-four foot mast, WHERE should I remove these rungs?  
Obviously, I need to remove them at least 24 feet up the tower, but
should the rungs be removed near a guy bracket, midway between guy
brackets, or what?  

Also, how would you guys replace the rungs up in the air?  Altho my
buddy suggested getting a welder cum monkey to make these welds in the air,
I am wondering about making replacement rungs from heavy-duty steel angle
irons U-bolted around the legs of the tower.  Any insights here?


Terry Zivney, N4TZ/9

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Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 10:04:04 -0500
Subject: CQ WW SSB
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>Anyone know of a Web or FTP site where I can get the rules, operating times,
>scoring, etc. for the CQ WW SSB contest?

I have the rules (or links to rules) for a whole bunch of contests,
including CQ WW SSB, on my web site:

73 Scott, KA9FOX

(at KS9K for CQWW SSB)

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