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W9VNE at aol.com W9VNE at aol.com
Mon Oct 30 21:01:42 EST 1995

will be active from vp5 for the cw weekend  for a m/s.

is there some hf packet spotting that we can use or at least monitor ? i
thought i found some dx packet spotting on the high end of 30 meters a few
years ago. 

any info would be greatly appreciated.


>From Frank Donovan <donovanf at sgate.com>  Tue Oct 31 02:00:55 1995
From: Frank Donovan <donovanf at sgate.com> (Frank Donovan)
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 21:00:55 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Wifes, Kids, and Contests...
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In the early 1980s I had the opportunity to attend quite a few FRC meetings 
(even a few "meeting B's").  On one occasion, a few days after K2UA's 
victorious ARRL CW DX Contest effort in February 1982, Dennis invited me 
to his QTH and shared enough secrets with me to aid in our first ever
Multi-multi DX Contest win in the March 1982 ARRL SSB DX Contest!
FRC has even had a few meetings at my QTH, in PVRC territory, south of the 
Mason-Dixon Line!   

However, I've never felt that any FRC member has ever really opened up the 
carefully guarded secret of their club's unparalleled success in DX 
Contesting.  I hope u don't get drummed out of FRC for letting the cat 
out of the bag!

donovanf at sgate.com

p.s.  Do the 10 guys go home before or after the wild sex?

On Sun, 29 Oct 1995, George Cook wrote:

> My wife simply draws the line at operating in the contests anymore!
> But she will let me have like 10 guys come over and hang out in the bedroom
> And insists on having wild sex after the contest is over

>From k3ww at fast.net (Charles Fulp)  Tue Oct 31 01:29:22 1995
From: k3ww at fast.net (Charles Fulp) (Charles Fulp)
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 01:29:22 +0000
Message-ID: <199510310127.UAA07049 at nn.fast.net>


      160       45       97     2.16     10      32
       80      101      260     2.57     16      68
       40      120      321     2.67     25      78
       20      614     1741     2.84     34     129
       15      517     1497     2.90     29     126
       10       68      182     2.68     15      39

     Totals   1465     4098     2.80    129     472  =>  2,462,898

TH6 90' TH7 60' TH6 30'  402CD 75' 
4 El quad 20-10 50' pointed south all weekend
80 1/4 wave vertical  and 160 inverted L

Took off about 1/2 hour during fairly major T-Storm Friday night, and 
left the chair several other times for a few minutes, but basically a
full 48 hours of attempting to operate.  Noisy on low bands the first
night, somewhat better the second.  For low SFI 15 was just fine, and
took pressure off 20.  No frequency fights, no cursing from the inhabitants
of 20 and 75 meters, much more enjoyable than what I anticipated.  My
rates were down from good years, but some of the guys were hitting all 
time peaks, so I guess I wasn't mentally prepared for as good as we got.
Nice to see black hole stations making similar Single Op scores to the
3rd call area scores.  This was one of those weekends where there would
have been lots of opportunities for various folks in various locations
to make big scores, if they were committed to all out efforts (and if
we could get John, Randy and Bob to go Multi Multi from up north, in the
same contest)
73, Chas  K3WW   k3ww at fast.net

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