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Tue Apr 2 17:30:15 EST 1996

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>About the year 2005 or so,  CW as a test for an amateur license will
>be gone,  world wide,  if things go as they might at WARC 99.  Only hope is
>CW tests will be replaced by some technical tests with real teeth to act as
>a way to keep our bands from becoming as did the CB bands, completely
>and world wide, as in Indonesia now.
>Jim,  AH6NB

Might as well not hold your breath Jim. Technical testing has already been
downgraded, along with the code. 

It's part of the entitlement program and the cost of downsizing the FCC. If
everyone thought power was worth a lengthy debate, I can take anyone to
Alabama and get them an extra.

73 Tom 

73 Tom


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