A 15m observation WPX SSB

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Fri Apr 5 16:47:55 EST 1996

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>But imagine what it is like if you are a station S & Ping (and trying to do
>so as quickly as possible), and you run across:
>DX: "... You are 59 08"
>Station 1: "Thanks 59 03"
>DX: "Thank you, QRZed?"
>At this point, you have no idea what the DX might be, and you've already
>heard him fail to ID after a contact. You've already sat through one
>exchange, you might have to sit through 10 more. (this is because goofballs
>at the OTHER end of the microphone that insist that they shouldn't ID
>except every 10 minutes if they feel like it....) You really have no idea
>how long it will take for the DX station to ID.
    Sometimes they don't even when quieried.  I submitted a new Q signal to
cover this situation and understand it's in a committee somewhere.

   QDC? -- What's your DAMN CALL?

73,  Steve   K7LXC

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