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>> There are three types of stations calling you in a pileup:
>>   #1) The guy who already knows who you are.
>>   #2) The guy who drops his call into every pileup, many of
>>       which become "QSO B4". 
>>   #3) The guy who says "what's your damn call", then moves up
>>       band when you give it because he has already worked you.
>> If you give your call on every contact, your pileup contains only
>> those in category #1
>WN4KKN/6 said -- I agree with everything stated in this message, but I think
>overlooks an important point.  Let me add the following to this list:
>There are two types of stations listening but not calling:
>    #4) People who are waiting to figure out who you are before
>        they start calling.
>    #5) Spectators.
>By not signing your call, you are gating people from making the 
>transition from #4 to #1, which is why some folks find it to be
>an effective pileup management technique. 

  By SIGNING your call after every QSO, you've satisfied ALL of the above
categories.You've given contestants #2, #3 and #4  the info they need to
either move on without bothering you or working you without extraneous
QDC???? and related frustration, QRM and dupes.     It's so simple that it
really works.  

    BTW, Trey, I really enjoyed your comments regarding the different contest
exchanges.  Each contest has its own personality and the exchange is part of
that uniqueness.  I thoroughly enjoy each of them - zone, serial number,
power, grid, etc.  Vive le difference!!

73,  Steve    K7LXC

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