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Tue Apr 9 21:56:23 EDT 1996

KM9P wrote:
>The solution to this problem is very simple and requires a little 
>work.  We change this reflector to be MODERATED.
>What we will get is intelligent discussions again instead of BS 
>postings by guys that never operate contests and obviously have 
>nowhere else to call home.

I agree.  With the recent introduction of 4-letter profanity (even
the "mild" stuff) into both the text and titles of messages, this 
list has undergone a severe deterioration in its quality & is starting 
to look more & more like & its ilk.

Perhaps a little more self-restraint on the part of the users is all
that will (or at least SHOULD) be necessary.  THINK BEFORE YOU SEND, 
PLEASE!  IMHO, the tests should be: is this something of interest to
contesters, & is it something that would be suitable (both in subject
& vocabulary)for a print medium such as NCJ or CQ-Contest?

This list has been very useful for me in the past, & I very much 
appreciate the effort & expense Trey & his employer (who supplies the
bandwidth) have expended in making it available to us.  I think it is
too much for us to expect him to become the moderator too.  Hopefully 
a few bad apples won't ruin a good thing for the rest of us.
73 - Alan NS0B

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>From Bruce (AA8U)" <aa8u at  Tue Apr  9 22:56:38 1996
From: Bruce (AA8U)" <aa8u at (Bruce (AA8U))
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 17:56:38 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Stacking TH7's
Message-ID: <199604092156.RAA01395 at>

Hello Fellow HARD CORE Contesters,

Antenna season may yet show up here in Michigan. When it does, I have been
contemplating some "minor" changes to the antenna farm here. 

I presently have two TH7's, each side mounted above a set of guy wires on
two  130' Rohn 55G towers. One TH7 is fixed on Europe at 85', the other is
fixed on the Caribbean at 45'.

The top of one tower is currently "occupied" a full size 40M quad. The
TH7's are currently on separate 55G towers, but I am considering putting
them both on the 40M quad tower at 45' and 85' fixed on 45 deg. (Europe from
here) They seem to perform "ok" individually, somewhat better than tri-band
dummy loads. HI HI I would like to put them on ring rotors, but I'm not sure
how to do  that given the close element spacing. 

Have any of you tried stacking TH7's and if so have you found it worth the
effort? How about the ring-rotor aspect?

I have modeled individual mono-band antennas at these heights with AO 6.5
and TA and have been intrigued by the possibilities. Granted, these are not
going to be as efficient as mono-band beams would be, but I already have
these. The 40' spacing probably would favor 15M, being a bit close on 20M
for any significant stacking gain. The variety of elevation angles might
make it a worthy project anyway.

Somewhere I recall seeing a very tall tower with three of four TH7's. Maybe
it was AA6TT. 

I would very much appreciate hearing from you if you have any experience
with these subjects. With all the planned maintenance and alterations here
this summer, and a trip to ZK in July, I want to make sure my I get the most
performance per tower time possible. 

Thanks in advance for you valued advice. 

For those among you that are not in the least interested in contest
antennas, consider this thread just more "crap" and delete all further


(AA8U  ZK1AAU)   

aa8u at

>From Ed Tanton N4XY <n4xy at>  Tue Apr  9 23:12:44 1996
From: Ed Tanton N4XY <n4xy at> (Ed Tanton N4XY)
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 1996 18:12:44 -0400
Subject: 90% of... This reflector needs a change.
References: <Pine.BSD/.3.91.960409085735.2463C-100000 at>
Message-ID: <316AE0DC.6DA9 at>

Sounds a lot like a 'net/list operation to me. Ugh!!!!!!
        Ed Tanton  N4XY  (770) 971-0436  Marietta, GA
        email: n4xy at   URL: Coming Soon

>From Walter Deemer <ac1o at>  Wed Apr 10 00:13:57 1996
From: Walter Deemer <ac1o at> (Walter Deemer)
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 19:13:57 -0400
Subject: Moderation
Message-ID: <199604092313.TAA88222 at>

KM9P wrote (in part):

>We change this reflector to be MODERATED.  A message sent to a moderated 
>reflector first gets sent to a moderator.  The moderator then reads the 
>message and approves it or does nothing in which case it gets trashed.
>Anyone can be the moderator.  

Agreed -- but you need more than one moderator.  (Three?  Five?)  Any one
moderator can approve a posting; if none of them approves, it gets trashed.

Advantages: The obvious junk gets trashed, but the marginal stuff will still
get through.  No burden, time-wise, on any one person.  A real technical
type or two would ensure that the really good engineering stuff, so far over
my head but such a truly valuable part of the reflector, gets on, but not
the way-out stuff. 

I nominate WN4KKN, KM9P, AA5BT, W0UN and W6QHS.

-- 73, Walt, AC1O (now in the process of wearing out his third "delete" key
of the year...)     

>From WF3T <steve.steltzer at>  Wed Apr 10 05:21:32 1996
From: WF3T <steve.steltzer at> (WF3T)
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 01:21:32 -0300
Subject: 40 mtr QRM

For those others interested in finding the source of the 40 mtr QRM:

Caught an S7 blast early this evening that stuck around long enough to run
the rotor around twice. From EPA, it's coming from NE. That's as good as I
can get with only a 2 el. High cutoff this time was 7.023, by time I got
down to about 6.900 it abruptly dissappeared, but obviously it's VERY wideband. 

*\*  steve.steltzer at (WF3T)  *\*
*\*        Harley Davidson Inc.          *\*

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