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Sun Apr 14 15:00:04 EDT 1996

One does not need to buy the cables from the manufacturer. Look in the yellow
pages of your phone directory under the heading WIRE ROPE manufacturers. ANY
competent wire rope place can duplicate your tower cable EXACTLY as they came
from the factory and you have the choice of materials used...either stainless
steel aircraft cable or galvanized will work, tho I think Galvanized is the
stronger of the two. I have a used Tristao 55' (wish it was 90'!) motorized
crank up that I replaced the cables on before I put it up 3 years ago and as
George, W2VJN, said it is NOT genetic engineering. It takes a few moments to
diagram where the two cables are fed thru what pulleys but even I did it.. I
replaced the cable with the tower laying on the ground but would assume if I
took all the weight off the cables I could do it with the tower in the
vertical position. Total cost to replace the cable was 128 USD......Not sure
what the factory would charge but would bet its higher.
                       Just my 2 cents worth...73 de Doug // N3ADL

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From: Cedric.Baechler at (Cedric Baechler HB9HFN) (Cedric Baechler HB9HFN)
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 96 16:52:00 EDT
Subject: Helvetia Contest Rules & Dates
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                             HELVETIA CONTEST

            This is a good chance to build up your Canton total for the
            Swiss Helvetia Award, which requires confirmation from all
            26 Cantons.

DATE:       27 Apr - 28 Apr 1996

TIME:       Saturday  13.00z   -   Sunday  13.00z.

BANDS:      CW:  1.8, 3.5, 7, 14, 21, 28 MHz
            SSB:      3.5, 7, 14, 21, 28 MHz

FREQUENCIES: CW                      SSB
             1810 -  1840 kHz
             3500 -  3560             3600 -  3650
                                      3700 -  3800
             7000 -  7030             7050 -  7100
            14000 - 14060            14125 - 14300
            21000 - 21125            21200 - 21350
            28000 - 28150            28300 - 29000 kHz

MODE:       Both CW and phone.

CATEGORIES: Mixed mode only
                - Single Op.
                - Multi Ops, single TX
                - SWL.

EXCHANGE:   RST plus a three-digit serial number. Swiss stations will also
            include a two-letter abbreviation for their Canton.

SCORING:    Only contacts with Swiss stations count. Each contact with an
            HB station is worth 3 points. You may only work a station once
            per band regardless of the mode.

MULTIPLIER: The sum of the Cantons worked on each band (maximum 26 per band).

            Canton abbreviations are:
               AG  AI  AR  BE  BL  BS  FR  GE  GL  GR  JU  LU  NE
               NW  OW  SG  SH  SO  SZ  TG  TI  UR  VD  VS  ZG  ZH

FINAL SCORE: Calculate your final score by multiplying your total QSO points
            by the sum of Cantons worked.

AWARDS:     Certificates will be awarded to the top scorers in each country
            and each USA and Canada call area.

LOGS:     - Use separate log-sheets for each band.
          - Stations with more than one percent of duplicate contacts will be
          - Each entry must be accompanied by a summary sheet, listing the
            total of contacts and cantons worked on each band, the category of
            competition and the contestant's name and mailing address.
          - Submit a signed declaration that all rules have been observed.

DEADLINE:   June 14th.

ADDRESS:              Nick Zinsstag,  HB9DDZ
                      Salmendorfli 568
                      CH-4338 Rheinsulz

>From Frank Donovan <donovanf at>  Sun Apr 14 20:39:19 1996
From: Frank Donovan <donovanf at> (Frank Donovan)
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 15:39:19 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Beginner Contest Stns (was: Contest Catagories - Necessary?)
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Hi Jim!

Since you were discussing the beginner stations of current contesters, I
thought I would kick in a description of my beginner stations!  There have
been a few upgrades in more recent years...

It will be interesting to hear descriptions of the beginner stations of
some other CONTESTers!

Jul 59 KN1LPL   Hallicrafters S-38D   Ameco AC-1 15 watts  35 foot wire
Nov 59 KN1LPL   I discovered the dipole!  Installed a 40M dipole @ 35'
Dec 59 KN1LPL   My parents gave me a Hallicrafters S-108 for Christmas!
Feb 60 KN1LPL   First contest!   Novice Roundup
Mar 60 K1LPL    Upgraded to General!
Apr 60 K1LPL    Added a VFO to the Ameco AC-1 ! Now had a T7 chirpy signal
Apr 60 K1LPL    Second contest!  CD Party
Jun 60 K1LPL    Another gift!  Harvey Wells TBS-50C with a VFO and AM!
Oct 60 K1LPL    Built a 150 watt amp (pair of 1625s) from QST article!
Nov 60 K1LPL    Sweepstakes!  The infamous SS wiped out by an aurora!

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