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>I've seen ads for a harness by ONV. Picture looks good, price is very
>low (89$). Other than 'you get what you pay for'; would you care to 
>comment? I'm interested in a full body harness; not sure I want
>to pay the really big bucks for the elaborate ones KC1XX brings back
>from DL, hi!!

Hiya, Tony --

     I've talked to ONV and here's my 2 cents worth.  First of all, it's just
a belt and not a fall arrest harness.  The trend (driven by OSHA on the
occupational end) is towards using a fall arrest harness in addition to the
safety belt.  If you send me your postal address, I will send you a reprint
of my "Up The Tower" column that covers this topic in more depth.

     Secondly, although the ONV belt is manufactured to OSHA standards, it
doesn't comply with OSHA USE rules (again, for occupational use).  In other
words, if you get paid for something - you fall (no pun intended) under the
OSHA rules.  If you work on your buddy's tower for free, you don't have to
comply.  My point is that if you're going to err regarding your climbing
safety equipment, err on the side of safety, i.e. use a fall arrest harness.
 What I'm doing is  wearing my old faithful Klein safety belt OVER my fall
arrest harness.  

    Third, one of the most important features for me is having tool bags on
the belt -- one for tools and one for parts.  The only tool bag ONV offers is
one that attaches to the front of the belt and has a very unfriendly
propensity to swing back and forth as you climb and whack the climber in a
spot best left unwhacked.  

     You can check your local yellow pages under "safety equipment" for local
suppliers of this equipment.  Miller, DBI-Sala, and other manufacturer's
products are available.   

     That's the long version.  The short version is that I am working with a
local manufacturer to come up with an LXC custom harness for hams.  I hope to
have it available in 60 days.

73 and thanks for your interest,   Steve   K7LXC

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