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Wed Apr 17 22:52:36 EDT 1996

Friend of mine is going up with 3 towers at his
new qth soon and I would like input re this topic.
I recall an article (i think in QST by again "i think"
K4VX) on the pro's & cons of breaking up guy wires.
As I remember the article, the bottom line was
that the benefits were not worth the time and 
expense. This is going to be a 3 tower site, all
guyed towers and at heights of 90, 90 & 130 ft.

The main question of course is should he or 
shouldn't he break up the guys ?

If you feel he should break up the guys, then
the questions become-
A-  what is the best length at which to break um ?
B-  should they all be broken up ?
C-  should all the broken up guys be insulated
     close to the tower or insulate  at a distance
     from the tower equal to A  above.

If you feel theres no need to break um up then
consider these
A-  Should the guys be insulated from the tower
     or attach stright to it ?
B- Is there any particular guy length to try to attain
    or to avoid if possible
C- I would guess it would be best to have the top
    attach to the tower as far down from the top as
    feasable ?

Add any other comments etc that you have. I think
work will begin on this project around July. Most all
HF frequencies plus 2 mtrs & 440 will be used from
this location. Probably, contesting from here will be
in the "single op" category but if you have opinions
re the situation if it were going to be a multi-multi
operation, let me have those also. There will be a
major Dx Packetcluster digi on 440 running all the
time from the site.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts & please
let us have ur thoughts/experiences on this topic.
There has to be guys out there who have tried the
"un broken" method. Ohhh, if you know the QST 
year & month of the article on this, let me know.

73's  Ed  KG4W


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