Multiple COM ports

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I have been using the Flexport 42 here as well for about 9 months
I run:
Modem on Com1
VHF packet on Com2
HF Radio control (TS-850) on COM3
HF PAcket/RTTY on Com4
Printer LPT1
CW keyeing interface on LPT2
(MS Bus Mouse uses IRQ2 seperate board)
I run all of em simulatneously never have a problem! No fighting for IRQs, 
I bought mine while on a business trip to San Jose at FRY's (large computer 
store chain in the Bay area) for $99.


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QuickPath has a web site - However, the current price is 
about $130. The board gets mentioned in Windows NT Magazine - 4/96 -Chaos 
Corner - pg 91
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I have been sing a Flexport 42 serial board by Quickpath Systems.  It =
works great .... absolutely no problems.  Four (4) COM ports and two (2) =
parallel ports.  You have a choice of ten (10) IRQ levels and eight (8) =
address combinations when configuring the COM ports.  I routinely =
operate with 2 TNCs, the radio, Internet and SSTV (WinPix Pro) all =
connected at the same time. I believe the cost is about $80 or so.  If =
anyone is interested, let me know and I will dig out info on the vendor =
I ordered from. As I said, the board works extremely well.

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