Loos Gauge - A Winner!

BK1ZX70SFL at aol.com BK1ZX70SFL at aol.com
Sun Apr 21 19:48:39 EDT 1996

Very cool. The contest reflector scores another winning idea in the K1ZX
contester's amassed knowledge hints and kinks book.

Spent today with W1CW uniformly tightening the guy wires of our two towers,
and sweating - Summer is here, we had a week of Spring and today it was in
the 90's. 

What's the big deal....uniformity and the peace if mind that comes with it.
The tower is not being pulled more one way than another....I know this now!

Thank you W6GO/K1KI/W3LPL who spoke of the PT2 Loos gauge here on the Contest
Reflector. I don't do this posting to increase some sort of spin off personal
income from this Florida company, as I in no way am associated with this
outfit, it just is way cool.

I don't know if the guy wires are at precisely the correct tension, but all
our 1/4" EHS is set to prox the same tension: 640 lbs....just like the Rohn
Bible, I mean catelogue, says....this is something we have never been able to
do before.

Prior to today it has always been "they look about the same" and that has
been as good as it got. This afternoon we had the satisfaction of knowing
they were all uniform in their degree of tightness! This sounds like no big
deal at first, but there is a certain peace of mind that is associated with
this, when we got done I really felt good about the days work. There were
already guys in place on the two towers but I feel much better about the
installation thanks to this 40 some odd dollar gadget.

There were 42 guy wires tensioned, my Dad postulated that that is a little
more than a buck each....and my Mom followed by adding that next Spring when
the yearly tightening is done the Loos cost per guy will go down to half
that, and then again and again. It doesn't look like 40 someodd bucks when it
comes out of the box, but I feel it is worth it after todays session.

This is not a precise scientific instrument but it is a must for the person
who loves his towers, i.e. : most contesters! Like I say, this peace of mind
is very good karma...and we all know that good karma when it comes to station
design means good scores later on.

Thanks again WN4KKN for another piece of contest knowledge courtesy of the
Contest Reflector....when it works, it works very good....no crap!

Jim  zx                   k1zx at contesting.com

>From Richard Hallman <ki3v at rnodx.org>  Mon Apr 22 00:36:10 1996
From: Richard Hallman <ki3v at rnodx.org> (Richard Hallman)
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 1996 16:36:10 pdt
Subject: internet stuff...mute?
Message-ID: <317AC66D-00000001 at rnodx.org>

>Once again I want to say, "What's the big deal? Why is this a problem?" I
>don't see the indignation on using PacketCluster through the internet.
>73, Richard - K5NA

Simple......Its TELEPHONE....Not RADIO!!

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