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A LOT of guys asked, this was on the reflector a month ago......all you need
to know to procure a Loos gauge - first talked about on the Contest Reflector
by multi-multiple tower owners W3LPL and K1KI, as summarized by W6GO:
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Subject: Guy Wire tensioning guage

Thanks to W3LPL and K1KI who alerted me to the cable tensiometer 
available from Loos and Co. in Florida.  They now have a better one!

I purchased a model PT-2 "Professional tension guage" from Loos.  It 
cost $46.42 plus shipping.  It works on 3/16", 7/32" and 1/4" 
cables.  When you hook it on the cable, it stays there.  You can 
view the scale on the guage while you tighten the guy.  It is 
"designed to provide an accurate measurement of the tension in 
rigging wire and other types of cable used in recreational and 
industrial applications.  It is particularly useful for accurate and 
repeatable tuning of a sailboat's standing rigging".

It is a very simple unit, very easy to use, and based on what I 
learned about the model 90, this is worth the extra $13 or so. They 
also have a model PT-1 for 3/32",1/8", and 5/32" cable.  There are 
also two comparable guages for metric diameters.

The invoice has an 800 number, which I didn't have when I called.  
It is 800 321-5667.  The regular voice number is 941-643-5667.  They 
take credit card orders over the phone.  

If you have guys to keep tensioned, this is a great tool for that job.

73, Jay
    w6go at netcom.com

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Rod Greene wrote:
> Charlie,
> Maybe others can comment on this too, but I have heard of pouring concrete
> inside the pipe to make it much stronger.  I have steel I beams for my
> elevated guy posts. Found them at the local electrical utility surplus yard
> (they were new galvanized beams from a project that never was completed).
> You might check your utility as a cheap source of heavy material.
> 73, Rod

Rod & Stan, W7NI made some good points. Stan's comment to not use them
is important. However, if there is not sufficient real estate to get
proper angle on the guys, you can make it up with Sidewalk Guying,
such as you suggested. Several important do's.
   Do use galvenized Steel I-Beams, rather than tubular, due to
   breaking strength.
   Do go as deep as possible. (100' tower, I'd go minimum of 10 feet!)
   Do Not disturb the adjacent earth. Make the hole as square as
   possible, and pour the entire hole. Disturbed earth will separate,
   even if tamped.
And - if you're not comfortable with what you're doing, enlist the
help of a professional.
de KL7HF

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