Sacrifice to RF Gods - (Chicken & Egg)

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Thu Apr 25 09:59:44 EDT 1996

Richard, K5NA, suggested placing JT1 and YA cards at the bottom of your
first tower.  My question is, before you erected that 35 foot first tower,
where did you get the JT1 qsl card?  Was it from a qsl sample pack or what???

This sure sounds like: what comes first, the chicken (qsl card) or the 
egg (tower).

Terry Zivney, N4TZ/9
00tlzivney at

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From: Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW" <gswanson at (Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW)
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 96 10:10:00 EDT
Subject: Looks like you ole timers...
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Good stuff, Tony!
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"Hey, without 2 meter call outs or with 2meter call outs or without packet
clusters or with packet clusters or  without or with the Internet,  for
the past 37 years,  ITS BEEN FUN....
 Lets Keep it rolling and having fun....
  73 all   :-)
K3ZA at (Tony D'Alonzo)"
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Your words are worth reflecting uopn: Regarding  * contest * skills:
Wonder if my listening skills are better since I entered ham radio before
packet was a gleam in TAPRs eye? I still love tuning (20 meters, 
through a band listening for DX. It's really *fun* to dig out the weak ones 
if I can't always work 'em), before they're spotted on packet and the hordes 

decend upon the frequency! Or, to spot the DX (if I can't get 'em), and 
listen to
the crowd arrive. It's getting more difficult all the time, it seems, as 
more folks
are on packet--most stuff get spotted pretty quickly. It's still a challenge 
rewarding) to be the first to dig out a weak one! Wonder if reliance on 
is making this skill obsolete? Time will tell, I guess. There are some 
* listeners * out there--that's for sure. I'm amazed at what contesters dig 
out of
the band noise sometimes! Want to read a great book about listening skills?
Try "The Complete DXer," it's the best I've seen regarding tuning the bands
and listening for DX (aka multipliers).  Gotta go.      73, Glenn, KB1GW
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" Lets Keep it rolling and having fun...."

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