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>On the cover of "CQ Contest" cover is a picture of the
>contest tree just left of center at PY5EG's.  The gene's
>of this tree where done by a ham?  It appears
>to be made for a 15-4 to be layed on top.  A side mount
>is possible half way up.  And dipole supports only at the top!
>I understand these antennas were removed for the picture?

Hello, Robert --

     Yes, Oms does get out well from his home which is pictured on the
aforementioned cover.  What they forgot to mention was that this is NOT the
contest station.  The real contest station is located at another location on
a ridge top and has all of the heavy artillery.  Contact N5FA for more
details.  Needless to say, it is a winner!

       He, and lots more folks, will be in San Francisco for the WRTC 96 if
you want to meet him and get the whole story.

73,   Steve   K7LXC

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>>A few years back, I seem to remember there being an 
>>article in QST(?) about cleaning aluminum elements.  It had
>>something to do with using alcohol.  I am looking for a quick
>>way to clean elements on a yagi before putting it back 
>The scotch brite, etc. angles have been thoroughly covered.... being
>inherently lazy, I will put a different spin on this one, for cleaning
>without elbow just dip, or wipe on, wait a few seconds and hose
>Go to your local auto paint supplier... they have a cleaners/conditioners for
>cleaning and prepping aluminum.... 
>Dupont Metal Conditioner # 5717.... is diluted with water... goes a long
>ways.... $23/gal
>PPG Metal Cleaner       # DX-533     ....    don't know prices
>        Metal Conditioner  # DX-579

Depending on the surface contaminant, you may have to use a couple of 
cleaning methods. If you have old anti-seize that you wish to remove, you 
may have to use something like paint thinner to remove it.  The use the 
metal preps or, like I use, an aluminum boat cleaner.  It's a wipe on, wash 
off solution, but it is caustic. It does a nice job.  I am up in Chicago, 
not at the farm, or I woul;d pass the name.

73, K8Joe"Palooka"
palooka at

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