10 Meter Novice "Contest Free" Zone

Greg Becker NA2N na2n at ifam.com
Tue Dec 3 17:48:19 EST 1996

> I agree that it is unfortunate that the new LU novice privileges
> allow operating on 28300-28350 for contests only.  That was NOT
> the case over one year ago when the CFZ was instituted.

OK, so does this mean we're cast-in-stone and unable to react to
a changing situation? The ARRL certainly has the power to revise the 
rules before the contest, if they so desire - they're the sponsors.
Considering the N-S propegation path is the one "most likely to 
succeed" for the next year or two, don't you think it might contribute
to the overall health of the contest to address the issue, as is stands, 
in a timely fashion?

> The point might be made as to why the LU govt. did not check with
> contest organizers before making such a decision.  In any case,
> it would seem that a contest-only segment for LU novices is more
> effective in the 28500 area where in my experience more contest
> activity takes place.
Gee, J.P., if I wasn't _sure_ you said that tongue-in-cheek, I'd think
was one of the silliest, most conceited and foolish things I'd ever
Governments do things for their reasons, not to serve the needs of the 
ARRL CAC. Don't see CQ having a problem...

Of course, that's only my opinion - I could be wrong.

Greg Becker       na2n at ifam.com
FFII/EMT, Safety Officer, Milan Vol FD/Rescue Squad
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>From k7fr at concord.televar.com (Gary Nieborsky)  Tue Dec  3 22:22:51 1996
From: k7fr at concord.televar.com (Gary Nieborsky) (Gary Nieborsky)
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 14:22:51 -0800
Subject: Paper logs vs computers
Message-ID: <199612032222.OAA11230 at concord.televar.com>

OK, I'll bite.....

At 04:16 PM 12/3/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi all:
>These threads about technology, skills, etc.,
>have me very curious about something - to wit:
>1 - How many reflectorites still use paper logs?
>    (I know this seems like a stupid question because
>     if you have email, you have a computer, but the
>     possibility exists.)
I still log my day to day contacts in my trusty ARRL logbook (yes, I still
log everything).  Not worth the effort to fire up the computer just for a
ragchew.  Still use a keyer (and sometimes the old straight key) and copy on
the back of the log page....geez I feel old......(41).  Use paper logs for
small contests like QSO parties etc.
>2 - How many reflectorites use computers for just
>    logging?
I occasionally plug in the RTTY thingy....but mostly use the computer for
antenna models, internet, log analysis...(shudder....work).
>3 - How many reflectorites use computers for all
>    the goodies (keying, logging, band maps, rates,
>    post-contest critiques, radio-control, etc.)?
See #2 plus use it all during contests.

Closing soap box:

Computers are a wonderful tool in the ham world.....but just a tool.  Too
many of us are seeing it as the great cure for all that drudgery associated
with contesting......some of which is the challenge of contesting.  If the
Techno-Terror 2100 computer/radio/solar flux gatherer could do it all;
Run/S&P, find all the mults on any band, log, ship off the submittal,  then
we'd have far more time to spend with our families.....and find out that you
really can't beat the east coast in CQWW.  Life would be dull.  We need the
illusion that we stand a chance.  After all, a power outage in New England
would effectively nullify their advantage.........

Relying on these techno-terrors only dumbs down the contester.  Those who
use them as a tool benefit from the experience gained and can apply this
experience when the techno-terror goes pins-up.  I've learned a ton from
playing around with VOACAP.  But experience has taught me that even though
VOACAP says pointing the 40M beam 30 degrees off great circle to 7P-land
will land my signal in a blob of color indicating no propagation,  skew path
does happen.  GEOCLOCK may say that the sunrise terminator has long since
passed over Malta, but I've got a  card showing a 160M contact 30 minutes
after their sunrise.  Let's not become appliance operators in all respects.

Bubbling over......

Gary K7FR

>From floydjr at Interpath.com (Jimmy R. Floyd)  Tue Dec  3 22:54:42 1996
From: floydjr at Interpath.com (Jimmy R. Floyd) (Jimmy R. Floyd)
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 18:54:42 -0400
Subject: What Is This?
Message-ID: < at interpath.com>

I am not sure how many of you caught this but I wanted to bring it to the
attention of the contest community. Also when everyone looks at the scores
I do, I do not want everyone to think that I have lost my mind. I believe
that this is what the following scores meant:

The following scores are claimed by the SL3ZV "Multi Single Band"
effort 1996;

Band    Op       Hrs  Score    QSO   Pts   Zones  DX
----    ------   ---  -------  ----  ----  -----  ---
160m    SM3BDZ        107.738  780   1046  23     80
80m     SM3OJR   1    3.219    71    87    7      30
40m     SM3OJR   45   305.121  1094  1919  37     122
20m     SM3JLA        586.416  1711  3858  36     116

Jon, sm3ojr

That this station used SL3ZV as a call on all 4 bands with 3 ops. I put 
them all in Single Band Class. I am not sure what else to do. Since all 
the talk about passing multis and multi single stuff I thought this was
very interesting. 

My only opinion as to what single band means is this:

Single Op
No Packet
No Nets or Internet
Noone passing anything to them or themselves soliciting calls on other 

Again that is only my opinion and means nothing, but I do see that the 
contest community needs a RULES formun at Dayton this year. I believe that
a lot of the rules are being stretched and were written before all this
high tech came along. I am not saying change any rules but lets just make
sure we all using the same ones. Being able to hear it directly from CQ
and ARRL contest people would should clear up a lot of bandwidth on here.

If you feel it necessary to flame go right ahead. As I have said before I
am a retired Firefighter/Paramedic for 25 years. I can take the heat Hi Hi.

73 Jim

>From seay at Alaska.NET (Jan & Del Seay)  Tue Dec  3 22:47:02 1996
From: seay at Alaska.NET (Jan & Del Seay) (Jan & Del Seay)
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 14:47:02 -0800
References: <199612032241.RAA01520 at keeper.albany.net>
Message-ID: <32A4ADE6.2E0D at alaska.net>

Joe Fitzgerald wrote:

> We have heard a similar argument for years in NASCAR and other auto racing
> fields.  As technology advances, so does the complexity of the hardware
> required to compete.  There are still guys out there that race steam powered
Interesting you should pick that for an analogy, since Jeff Gorden's or
Dale Earnheart's "Golden Chevies" can't reach the top speed that
Stanley's steamer reached 80 years ago!  de KL7HF

>From duerbusc at MO.NET (Joseph J. Duerbusch)  Wed Dec  4 08:35:29 1996
From: duerbusc at MO.NET (Joseph J. Duerbusch) (Joseph J. Duerbusch)
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 1996 00:35:29 -0800
Subject: SSB Logs for CQ WW Returned Help
Message-ID: <32A537D1.2810 at mo.net>

I received a notice from CQ that my logs for the 1996 CQ WW SSB contest
which had been sent via the internet was destroyed by a mad server.

They told me to resubmit my logs.  I did, but they keep on comming

The address I sent the log's to was:
ssb at cqww.com            

Anyone else get this message?  Is my address correct?
I had deleted the orginal E-mail.

Thanks Joe K0BX

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