No CW????????

Dan Keefe KS6Z at
Thu Dec 5 13:46:10 EST 1996

Dear OM,

I am sitting like a fool on 40 novice about every night of the week for
an hour or so waiting for a new call to call CQ.  I often wind up
working another extra class who has called CQ plaintively for ten
minutes without an answer so I feel sorry for the guy.

The band is there and there is plenty of room for all novices.
I don't think anyone should be forced to upgrade,but I don't think they
should be welcome on the phone bands without being able to pass the 13
wpm jerk test either.  It isn't foolproof but it sure has made a
difference over the years.  If you don't think so just listen to 11
meters and now some of the local repeaters in the big cities.  If that
doesn't scare the hell out of you nothing will.

I will be happy to work any NOVICE ticket on the 40 meter band (7.100 to
7.150) any night after dark in California by appointment for east coast
stations, earlier is OK for 7's, or 0's.  California, Arizona and Oregon
any time of day is usually ok.  We used to call them skeds!  

Send me an email and warm up your radio and a dipole.  I will work you
till your arm turns to glass, period.  Any speed is ok, slow code,
Farnsworth, you tell me what you are comfortable with getting started on
the upgrade path and I will help you to get there as quickly and
painlessly as possible.

Give me 30 minutes twice per day and in a month you will be taking and
passing your general class code test, period.

Dan Keefe  KS6Z
Vista, CA


w1hij at CONTESTING.COM wrote:
> Bob,
> Amen---
> Not only that but even if someone gets past the 5 WPM test, how are they
> supposed to find enough slow speed cw qso's to get better. I've been haunting
> the 40 m novice band lately just to see what's out there. If I hear three
> stations at once I'm surprised.
> Suggestion---
> I remember back in the "old days" (I got my novice license as WN1HIJ in 1954)
> that one of the ways I got better at CW was participation in the slow speed
> New England tfc net.
> How about a "slow speed net" with some real content interest so that people
> have a reason besides "studying" to improve their speed in a real
> environment. For example, after check in, the contents of ZD's story could be
> transmitted or other material of interest. If some of us who have some little
> contest experience and dx'ing experience were willing to share that on the
> air, it would be a great benefit to all and sundry. (Also it would
> demonstrate that the ability to use CW as a communication medium does not
> revolve around answering multiple choice questions).
> I sure know that I'd take the trouble to find the net if I thought that I
> might get the opportunity to read the mail or participate in a conversation
> involving the likes of ZD, ZO, LPL, KO(Trey) and so forth.
> Anybody interested in helping to organize it and get it on the air???
> If we want operators we have to train them. Once a year field day isn't
> enough.
> de Bill, W1HIJ (LA)
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> >We seem free to complain of No-Coders but the fact is amateur radio
> >has changed and we don't offer them  any other real opportunity.
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>From 9k2hn at (Hamad J. Al-Nusif)  Fri Dec  6 10:33:52 1996
From: 9k2hn at (Hamad J. Al-Nusif) (Hamad J. Al-Nusif)
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 1996 13:33:52 +0300
Subject: E-mail Change!!
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Hi All,

  I have changed my e-mail address to:-

9k2hn at

it is much easier than the old one!!

Thank you
de 9k2hn

| 9K2HN		| |
| Hamad J. Al-Nusif	| Phone: (965) 2550757 between 06:00z to 19:00z	     |
| P.O.Box: 29174		| Mobile: (965) 9685111 If I'm NOT home!!		     |
| 13152, Safat		| Fax: (965) 2570014	24 hour a day		     |
| Kuwait			| Packet: 9K2HN @ 9K2EC.KWT.AS		     |

>From ac1o at (Walter Deemer)  Fri Dec  6 11:47:10 1996
From: ac1o at (Walter Deemer) (Walter Deemer)
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 1996 06:47:10 -0500
Subject: "Help" In Contests
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At 06:48 PM 12/5/96 -0500, a Big Gun wrote:

>I will sometimes ask a W6 on 10 or 15 meters to dump my callsign in a pile
>up to a station in C6A or VP9 which is always a backscatter QSO for me.

NOW I've got this contesting thing figured out: if I can't break a pile up I
just get somebody to "dump my callsign in" for me!  (I think I'll start by
asking W3LPL and N2RM.)  And, hey: if the DX station is just working
Europeans, no problem; I'll get someone in Europe to be the "dumpee"! 

(If I can't get a run going maybe 'LPL or 'RM could dump in a "CQ TEST" or
two for me, too!  Who says you're never too old to learn??)

73 de an older but now much wiser KN4T -- who may shift from low power to
QRP now that he knows the ropes...

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