CQ WW 160 1996 results?

Ingemar Fogelberg ingemar.fogelberg at stockholm.mail.telia.com
Sat Dec 7 20:56:13 EST 1996


Does anybody know where I can find the results from the CQ WW 160
contest 1996? 

73 de Ingo SM0AJV

>From biss at epg.nist.gov (Robert Biss)  Fri Dec  6 15:50:24 1996
From: biss at epg.nist.gov (Robert Biss) (Robert Biss)
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 1996 15:50:24
Subject: :::TS-850 KEYING
Message-ID: <Q2A88711 at washer>

To ALL of you that responded to my recent POST about having trouble keying a 
new TS-850.....

I have finally gotten around to figureing out the problem and solving it....

The problem was where I LEAST expected it....the I/O card had bad LPT1 and 
COM2 ports....therefore the mouse worked....

The honest way that I found it was due to my packet station computer 
crashing so I moved the software over to the contest computer....I like to 
make hard copy of some things so I moved the printer too.....YEP....the 
printer didn't work....wolah....got a new I/O card and it work perfectly... 
I guess that the MFJ keyer wasn't working too because I had it "Y'd" into 
the back of the 850 and the bad card was loading it down....

Thanks for all of those that wrote and also those that wrote a second time 
to see how things were coming along.....Have a family problem with an aging 
father and that slowed me down a little..

73 es TNX  bob  W8ZA

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