The secret at WB9Z on 160m.

Sun Dec 8 05:25:27 EST 1996

Zack Widup wrote:
> >
> > Three of the louder stations that did not hear me even enough
> >to send a ..--.. were K8RR, N2RM and K3ANS. What is WB9Z using
> >for receive antennas? BTW, running 100 watts and a half sloper
> >at 50 feet. 73 Ken N4UK South Carolina
> >
> >
> Jerry has Beverages all over the nearby farmland. I think he has at least
> 7 of them.
> He uses a 125-ft tower to transmit on 160.
> He can hear!
> 73, Zack W9SZ
> --

talked to K3ANS today...i usually contest at his station for the big
contests...he wasnt listening on the beverages facing south at the time
n4uk was calling...not sure he wud have heard it, but perhaps...good

>From aa7bg at (K7BG Matt Trott)  Sun Dec  8 07:15:02 1996
From: aa7bg at (K7BG Matt Trott) (K7BG Matt Trott)
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 00:15:02 -0700
Subject: No CW????????
Message-ID: <199612080715.AAA12079 at sun>

> You know, my wife, who has no
>technical interests, is studying hard for her no-code tech
>license so that she can share some of my hobby and so that
>she can use the repeater system in our rural north central
>New Mexico QTH to reach me in an emergency.

I sat my wife down a half hour a day for a week or two and we studied the
no-code tech book. She went in and passed the test no problem. She ain't no
genius (attested to by the fact that she married me). It's a piece of cake.
SO IS THE CODE TEST! One can take the latest code tests with absolutely no
knowledge of the code whatsoever and still get 2.5 questions right by just
guessing. Now just study enough to copy a QTH and name and your up to 5 out
of 10. You only need 2 more to pass. Anybody with the least bit of DESIRE
can pass it these days with very little study I'd say. It's a streetcar
named DESIRE that is lacking.

73, Aaron McGrievances

>From n5ia at (Milt Jensen)  Sun Dec  8 07:42:45 1996
From: n5ia at (Milt Jensen) (Milt Jensen)
Date: Sun, 08 Dec 1996 02:42:45 EST
Subject: dvp board
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Ditto de N5IA.  73.

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On Fri, 6 Dec 1996 15:24:04 +0008 gdaught6 at (George T.
Daughters) writes:
>just want to share my experience.  i bought CT 9.0 when it came out, 
>and then wanted a DVP, too.  i bought the k1ea board, and cables for 
>my ICOM radio.  yes, i surely could have built the cables, and yes, i 
>probably could have programmed a sound blaster board to provide 
>audio, and yes, i probably could have designed and built a DVP card, 
>too... but i wanted to go contesting!
>the board arrived with good documentation.  i hooked everything up, 
>and it *ALL* worked, first time, no sweat.  for me, it was some bucks
>usual disclaimer... this ain't a commercial, just a single experience 
>from a single (satisfied) customer.
>73 es gl,

>From js at alpha.NetUSA.Net (Jeff Singer)  Fri Dec  6 16:59:38 1996
From: js at alpha.NetUSA.Net (Jeff Singer) (Jeff Singer)
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 11:59:38 -0500 (EST)
Subject: 4130 CHROME MOLLY
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I found a great product at Home Depot called "EXTEND." It cost me abt 8
bucks for 16 oz and will cover two (2) 24-foot masts with 3 or 4 coats
each! It just seems to seal the metal to a hard shiny finish, and
eliminates any existing rust in the process. Pretty amazing stuff. You
could paint over it, but I just left my mast jet black, which is the color
it turns after the application.  Check it out! Very cool. 

73 de Jeff K2KV
k2kv at

> I am in the process of buying some 2" 1/4 wall chrome molly masts.
> Since I have mortgaged the house to buy the stuff I am wanting to save
> a few bucks and paint it instead of galvanizing it.
> I guess I will just use cold galvanizing paint but from my past experience the
> cold galvanizing seems to come off very easily.

>                   K9SD

>From norf at (Rob Snieder PA3ERC)  Sun Dec  8 14:00:17 1996
From: norf at (Rob Snieder PA3ERC) (Rob Snieder PA3ERC)
Date: Sun, 08 Dec 1996 09:00:17 -0500
Subject: ARRL 160 at PI4COM
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We had the impression lotts of stations were calling us but we couldn't
hear them clearly. We had 2 beverages, one pointing north to VE land and
the second to the USA, unfortunately the USA beverage was broken and
didn't work well, that explained the bad receiving on our part. We will
check this out next time. Hope everybody had fun, we only participated
one night to give away some multies. The summary will be published
later. Btw I prefer states as exchange, we are not used to the districts
abbreviation, you never know what is comming, look to the six'es S...,
CA is easier hi

73 de Rob PA3ERC

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