Observations of a 160M QRP station

Nd3f at aol.com Nd3f at aol.com
Sun Dec 8 12:06:42 EST 1996

Happy holidays from FM19mg (in prep for Stew Perry test?)

1) Was glad to hear excellent "window behavior", net result
was that I was able to work some Europeans that I can't 
normally get thru contest QRM.
2) Thanx, N4UK, for hearing my 'up 1', responding, and giving
me the SC mult!  I could hear you fine, 'off the back'.
3)Didn't hear the usual 'duck soup' Carib and SA stations.  Was
I the only one?
4) Worked very few W7s and no W6's, though I heard a few--no
west director on the antenna this time was a major score basher.
5) It's fun to hear "pleasant" exchanges--tu/gl/first names, etc--sorry
that I can''t convert vanity calls to first names for many stations (yet).
6) Many thanks for the patience shown to me to pull me out of the mud--
most folks got it the first or second time!
6) to the K8## vanity call station (think he is not on the reflector) who
initiated a frequency war well above 1850 (and won of course) not just
once or twice or three times but 4 times!!! during the weekend, I hope
that Santa brings you coal and switches--and I don't mean coaxial 
switches--give us QRPers a break and find a CQ freq near 1800!
7) W3UR was awesome here (FM19lg), thank goodness for AGC!

We should have west director, balloon vertical and other minor improvements
for Stew Perry--but I think I'll stick with 34 dbm output!
Brian ND3F at aol.com

>From 71111.260 at compuserve.com (Hans Brakob)  Sun Dec  8 17:18:24 1996
From: 71111.260 at compuserve.com (Hans Brakob) (Hans Brakob)
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 12:18:24 -0500
Subject: "Recruiting" Contacts
Message-ID: <199612081219_MC1-CD8-A350 at compuserve.com>

I got a comment from a west coast contester (who went 
to some length to establish his age and list of contesting 
accomplishments as if that should change my thinking) who
expressed "disappointment" at my opinion regarding "feeding"
a single-band log by activity on other bands.  Well, of 
course it's only my opinion and he is free to have a different
one based on his long experience.

To put a different light on this question, I have used the term
"recruiting" in the subject line of this message.

I think most would disapprove of me having a second radio up on
two meters and "recruiting" contacts to my 15 meter single-band
log by spotting myself on a cluster.  At best, most would feel
I had thereby placed my single-band effort into some sort of 
"assisted" category.

Now, if I were to perform that "recruiting" on some HF band 
other than my "target" single band, how is it no longer 
"assistance"?  If recruiting on 2 meters is "assistance", then
recruiting on 20 meters seems to also be "assistance" to my
15 meter single-band log.

My west coast correspondent suggests the rule would be burdensome
to write and enforce.  In my opinion, it would be very simple.

"All efforts to attain a score in a single-band entry must take
place on that band.  This precludes solicitation of QSY's on
other bands."

YMMV, de Hans, K0HB
Speaking for K0HB

>From trey at cisco.com (Trey Garlough)  Sun Dec  8 17:21:31 1996
From: trey at cisco.com (Trey Garlough) (Trey Garlough)
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 96 9:21:31 PST
Subject: Remote Controlled Stations
Message-ID: <CMM. at scv-cse-4.cisco.com>

> Also, unlike the ct-user reflector, we don't appear to have "index" or
> "get" commands (hint to N5KO!)

Send a message to fileserv at tgv.com that says


--Trey, N5KO

>From steeble at erols.com (Edwin Steeble)  Sun Dec  8 17:29:54 1996
From: steeble at erols.com (Edwin Steeble) (Edwin Steeble)
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 12:29:54 -0500 (EST)
Subject: 10M contest - DC Section - K3VOA
Message-ID: <199612081729.MAA09388 at smtp1.erols.com>

K3VOA, a DC section station, will be on both CW and SSB in the ARRL 10M
contest 14, 15 Dec 1996. The PVRC operators, K3IXD, KD4QVT, N3NT (ex AA3HM),
W3GHR, and WB3ECU appreciate the hospitality of the Voice of America Amateur
Radio Club for once again making their station available. QSLs for this only
this contest to K3IXD, CBA, SASE please.

Remember, work K3VOA in the 10m contest, both modes. And we will be looking
for those /N and /T CW QSOs too.

steeble at erols.com

>From ddjones at nas.com (Dale Jones K5MM)  Mon Dec  9 00:43:55 1996
From: ddjones at nas.com (Dale Jones K5MM) (Dale Jones K5MM)
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 16:43:55 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Country Links for Contesters & DXers by GU3MBS
Message-ID: <m0vWtp5-000DFdC at cleese.nas.com>


        To All DX Contesters and DXers:

        Steve Gibbs, GU3MBS, and a colleague has authored a very
        comprehensive page entitled "Links to Many Countries
        throughout the World".  This page includes geographic,
        climatic, tourist, maps, currency, political, and much
        other useful information on virtually every country in
        the world.  Steve is a very seasoned Contester and DXer,
        and he know about all the places Contesters and DXers
        know about.  He has been hamming for almost 40 years and
        he was one of the ops at GU3HFN during the recent CQWWDX-CW 
        Contest, where they made 4000 Q's.  
        The list covers countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and
        everything in between.  You can find extensive information
        on places like Kingman Reef, Tristan da Cunha, Heard Island,
        South Sandwich Isl, as well as all the regular Big Countries.

        It is certainly worth a look at by Contesters and DXers alike.


        Give it a look see!!!

        Dale Jones  K5MM

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