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<< Another story about CW, my wife while we were first dating decided to
 morse code (Good thing I taught her then, she might not do it now) She
 listened to tapes and on a road trip I tapped morse code on her leg
 (Romatic huh?) Anyway within 2-3 weeks she had study the theory and the
 code and passed the test. She also has never used morse code for a QSO, She
 uses 2m only when I ask her to talk to me on the road, once in a solar
 cycle she will talk on HF to friends we have around the world, I am not
 sure what her motivation for learning the code but she did, she is not
 musically incline she is just determined. Code is very hard for most people
 but I have a firm belief that anyone that can hear can pass the code if
 enough effort is put forth..
 Another story, my sister was visiting us for Christmas about 5 years ago, 
 She is musically incline, plays the flute. She learned the code and passed
 the test 100% within 3 days!!!!! She studied maybe 3 hours a day , so under
 10 hours she studied and had mastered 5 wpm code! It is really sad that she
 lives in a small apartment in LA and has no room for an antenna or I am
 sure she would be ragchewing regularly. 

Too more examples. If one person can do it, then so can others. All it takes
is some determination. Maybe it wont happen in two days or two weeks but
there is no reason that some one can't master 5 wpm within their lifetime.  

Tnx for the stories. 73 de Dave, N0IT

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