BOOTSAVE (was: Contest computer CMOS battery failure)

Sat Dec 21 05:14:28 EST 1996

Dave / N7EX wrote:
> Unger wrote:
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> > On Dec 9, 11:09am, Dave / N7EX wrote:
> > > Subject: Re: Contest computer CMOS battery failure
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> > > You dont say in your message what the program is called. Sounds great
> > > but  it will be far easier to find if we all know what to look for!
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> > Dave and others -
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> John
> The following URL has BOOTSAVE.COM  buried in file DISKSAVE3.ZIP
> DAve
> N7EX

i looked at these files and they do work, but there is, as far as i can
see, one problem...they need a companion file called "bootback" which
takes the info saved by bootsave, and copies it back to the boot sector.
this bootback is nowhere around...anybody know where to get it? tnx/

>From n6nd at (Rick Craig, N6ND)  Sat Dec 21 16:00:18 1996
From: n6nd at (Rick Craig, N6ND) (Rick Craig, N6ND)
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 16:00:18 +0000
Subject: FT-1000D problem
Message-ID: < at>

Posting this for W6YA.

ATTENTION FT-1000 contest users:

Recently I have had a problem with leak through from sub VFO B to VFO A
when in DUAL receive mode with the RX MIX completely counterclockwise. 
This is annoying during a contest when listening on two frequencies,
getting action on VFO A, then rotating the RX MIX CCW to eliminate the
audio from the sub VFO, but finding remaining signal "leakage" coming
through.  It was necessary to get out of DUAL mode to solve it.  

The problem occurred as a result of using a tape recorder plugged into AF
OUT.  This is a dual channel output, and previously I had used a stereo
deck for recording.  However, after changing to a small cassette recorder,
I paralleled the channels into a single output for the monaural recorder. 
This is what created the problem.  If anyone has been as stupid as I was,
they may have created that same annoying receiving problem during contests
or pileups with split frequency operation.  Don't combine those two

73, Jim W6YA

Rick Craig, N6ND
n6nd at

>From aa8u at (AA8U)  Fri Dec 20 23:43:46 1996
From: aa8u at (AA8U) (AA8U)
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 18:43:46 -0500 (EST)
Subject: SS Mug vs. CQ WPX
Message-ID: < at>

The first one bounced. Seems I was not subscribed......don't remember

Sorry if this shows up as a DUPE!

What a pleasant surprise! 

One of my 1996 "Clean Sweep Mugs" was delivered today. Now that is fast,
especially when compared to the long delayed WPX certificates. These are
overdue at least two years now, nearly three. CQ WPX could learn a thing or
two from the ARRL Mug program. 

I realize I paid $10 to cover the costs of the "Clean Sweep Mug". Hey, I
would be willing to pop $5 each for certificates if that would help get
them out in a timely manner. 

Are you listening CQ Magazine?

I wish the folks at ARRL would have decided to follow the EIA color code
when determining which color mugs were sent out in a given year. I would
think the black one I got today should be issued in the year 2000. Oh well,
I prefer this handsome mug on my shelf regardless of color! 

WPX is not far off. I'll enter again, but my expectations of any real
certificates are rather low.

73 to all,
Happy Holidays,
aa8u at

(KT8X @ AA8U for WPX)

>From k8mr at (Jim Stahl)  Sat Dec 21 00:21:23 1996
From: k8mr at (Jim Stahl) (Jim Stahl)
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 96 19:21:23 EST
Subject: Contesters Party
Message-ID: <c7F0yD1w165w at>

The time is near for a tradition here in northeast Ohio:  the K8MR
Christmas Party for Contesters.  This year marks the 20th happening
of this annual event.
The party is Saturday evening, January 4, at K8MR's QTH in Orange
Village, Ohio,  a southeast suburb of Cleveland.  All who enjoy
contests and contesting are invited.
Weather permitting we have a good turnout of Mad River and North
Coast members, typically including such notables as NA creators
K8CC and K3LR, and the infamous dr. Bafoofnik.
Of course Cleveland in January is no tourist Mecca, and my antennas
won't be confused with those of W3LPL, but if you need an excuse to
visit (or relief from visiting) Uncle Louie, or you just realized
that all your frequent flier miles expire January 10, or you just
happen to be in or near the neighborhood on January 4, come on by!
For directions or details get in touch with me by e-mail
(k8mr at, PacketCluster, or phone (216-831-6954).
A very Merry Christmas, and New Year of good contesting, to all.
Jim Stahl   K8MR

Jim Stahl
InterNet: k8mr at
Basic Amateur Radio Frequency, BARF-80 +1 216/237-8208
"Totally devoted to Amateur Radio" - 24 Hrs a day 8/N/1 14.4k-300 baud

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