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Sat Dec 21 02:10:16 EST 1996

Preface: this is intended to open a discussion concerning the facts
contained herein. It is not intended to point fingers, be accusatory or
insulting, or imply any wrongdoing on the part of anyone involved. I'll
save that for my personal position...  :) Things may get a mite
confusing because I'm using fake calls (so personalities don't become an
issue), but stick with me, please. The names have been changed to
protect... whatever.


A high-ranking (very rank? - couldn't help it...) CAC member, WZ2ZZZ, 
was recently elected Division Vice-Director, and can no longer serve in
the CAC position. ZZZ is a member (and former president) of the Big Gun
Contest Club (BGCC), an Unlimited Category club that peripherally covers
the Division. 

The CAC rep from a neighboring Division, WZ1ZZZ, is also a member of the

WZ2AAA, who is _also_ a member of BGCC, is the new Director-Elect, and
will take office on Jan. 1.
WZ2AAA asked WZ2LLL, who is _also_ a BGCC member, to fill the vacancy on
the CAC. Before LLL formally accepted the post, the Director-Elect was
made aware that there was at least one other interested candidate for
the CAC position that was NOT a member of the BGCC. However, he decided
to stick with the original plan and appoint LLL to the CAC position.

This appointment replicates the pre-election situation of having two
well-known, prominent members of the Big Gun Contest Club serving on the
Contest Advisory Committee. Efforts prior to this election to change the
situation met with complete apathy by the parties involved at the time.
While all are aware that "this is the way it was before", the situation
is seen as inequitable by many in the area who have expressed opinions.

Questions for the contest community at large:

Is it appropriate for a second member of the Big Gun Contest Club to be
appointed to the CAC? Does this put too much sway on the CAC under the
influence of the BGCC?

Is it appropriate for a second member of the Big Gun Contest Club to be
appointed to the CAC,
BY another member (the Director-Elect) of the BGCC?

Is it appropriate for a second member of the Big Gun Contest Club to be
appointed to the CAC, BY another member (the Director-Elect) of the
BGCC, when other candidates were available?

If this situation is seen as less-than-OK by the contesting community at
large, should some action be pursued with the ARRL to insure that the
situation cannot be replicated (or made worse) by future appointments
along the same lines?

Is this appointment arrpopriate in light of the fact that both the
Director-Elect and Vice-Director-Elect are members of the Big Gun
Contest Club, therefore putting both the Division contest advisory input
AND policy-making "power" under the influence of the BGCC (which, once
again, is centered in a neighboring Division, not the one in question)?

Comments to the reflector, please, and I'll try to summarize somewhere,
sometime, and forward all info to the parties involved.

My emotional response to my own survey will follow.  :)

73, and Happy Holidays!
Greg Becker       na2n at
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