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Sun Dec 22 18:42:48 EST 1996

This message to the VHF reflector from Geoff Brown GJ4ICD refers
primarily to 6 meters but affects all of us who would like to see Cape
Verde remain a viable multiplier in DX contests.  If you have any
documentation as to license fees in your own country please send the
information to D44BC or to Geoff Brown GJ4ICD as requested below.

Thanks es 73

Gene W3ZZ

Geoff Brown writes:
> Greetings to all and a Merry Christmas!
> Julio D44BC has just phoned to say he needs some help in order to keep
> active on 50MHz.
> The Cape Verdean  licencing body wants to increase licence fees to hundreds
> of dollars, if this happens then Julio says that all amateurs with go qrt
> and there will be no activity from D44 anymore.(especially 50MHz! as D44AC
> is coming on the band also)

> Julio has requested copies of licence renewals from other Countries to show
> how much they pay in comparison.
> Anybody who has a renewal which states how much they paid is requested to
> send it to Julio Vera Cruz D44BC who is QTHR, or forward a scanned copy to
> me and I will forward it onto Julio.

> Julio has also requested I return to D44 in June for another 50MHz
> operation, he also offered his accomodation.....more on this later
> Geoff GJ4ICD
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>From thompson at mindspring.com (David L. Thompson)  Sun Dec 22 20:20:43 1996
From: thompson at mindspring.com (David L. Thompson) (David L. Thompson)
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 15:20:43 -0500
Subject: CQ Certificates/Plaques versus ARRL
Message-ID: <199612222006.UAA58782 at mule0.mindspring.com>

I have seen several messages about how fast and efficient ARRL is on mugs,
certificates, plaques versus CQ.   Lets compare apples to apples here...

1.   The ARRL checkers are paid and do this as a full time job.   All CQ
Directors/checkers/workers are volunteers.  And it has not been easy getting
re-imbursed for postage expenses lately.

2.   The CQ WW run by K3EST is the most massive contest on the globe far
exceeding any ARRL contest. 

3.   The CQ WPX and CQ WW 160 are esentially one man bands with help as needed.

We CQ volunteers struggle with postage, finding time, sponsors that die or
will not pay, and
meeting printing deadlines to get the results out in a timely basis.

I agree ARRL does a good job of timely results and getting the prizes out.

Remember that without the volunteers there would be no CQ Contests. 

I suggest every amateur be an ARRL member to assure the timely results
continue.  Every contester should also subscribe to CQ Magazine and CQ
Contest as where would we be with their sponsorship and place to print the

Seasons Greetings,

73, Dave K4JRB
CQ WW 160 Contests Director 

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