Stew Perry stats and comment

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Mon Dec 30 09:46:31 EST 1996

HNY from FM19mg

Stew Perry "stats",  just for fun:

87Qs  1pt--includes 5 who didn't know their grid until I told 'em...
65Qs  2pt
27Qs  3pt
 9Qs  4pt
 4Qs  5pt
 2Qs  6pt
 1Q    7pt
 3Q    8pt
 2Q   12pt

average distance per QSO 802.5 km/ about 500 miles
average pt/QSO    2.11 (422pts/200Q)
average km/w    267.5
total station cost/total km ($/km) .031 
total stn. cost / pt $2.96 (not counting QSL costs)
total km/total hours  (17,833 km/hr :-)
number of family interruptions/QSO .04
number of vanity calls who knew my name but I didn't know theirs: 4

All in all, a super contest!!

Now that everyone knows their grid square designator, 
please get on for the ARRL VHF test in January (the 3rd
weekend)--you know the exchange!  FM is acceptable, 
and we could use the extra activity!

73, HNY
Brian ND3F at

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