FT1000MP review- 160m carriers

Ron Stone ron at gw3ydx.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 2 10:23:33 EST 1996

| Ron Stone, GW3YDX -    EMail ron at gw3ydx.demon.co.uk                 

I have had many messages from this side that there ARE carriers on 
160 on the frequencies reported in my recent review. 1827/1836.

Those messages are from people like G3RBP and G4DBN - i.e. serious
topband DXers who would tell it as it is. 

The fact remains however, that my Omni 6 stubbornly refuses to 
receive those signals. They are JUST audible on my trusty old TS930.

Now I am pretty sure that I am not in an RF hole here ! The plot 
thickens, and if I learn anything further I will advise. 


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