PRB-1, DXers, Contesters and ARES

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Fri Feb 2 16:43:50 EST 1996

another 2 cents worth ......

Having been an ARES net control then net  manager and a current RACES member
I can really appreciate the arguement.... Gimme a group of 10 TFO Contesters
and I'll pass more traffic than you can shake a stick at....I noticed that
during the recent Hurricaine Luis disaster while subbing NCS for 4U1UN that
the contesters from NA es the Carribean were the most reliable means of
communicating between the affected islands and North America. They were at
LEAST the best equipt! Dorthea had the back up shack on within hours while
working me as NCS with the Mosley ON THE GROUND..while the other end of the
house was demolished.
Later in the evening Fred, K3ZO , was hearing stations that 4U1UN had no
chance to hear.... We ain't just the best contesters....the best OPERATORS in
the world with the best stations.

I think it's prudent to be aggressive in lauding the fact that we are indeed
the best back up system...volunteer to be your county EMERGENCY
Communications Volunteer...or what ever its called in your area...What ever
we can do as a group to make positive impressions in our local community the
better our chances of winning PRB-1 cases if there is a grey area being
discussed and someone on the zoning board KNOWS you from your envolvement in
the community.

 ARES nets and Races nets are excellent ways to learn protocol while at a
leisurely pace and should be attended as your schedule and interest permits
but Contesting :) will improve the skills one learns at the local level and
allow faster,more reliable, and higher quality traffic handlers. (providing
we can come up with a more meaningfull exchange! :) >

Random thoughts as I sit staring out the window at S N O W  :(  
not to mention the 3 fingers of bourbon :)

Hope you guys in W3 land voted for Bob WA3PZO...I trained in ARES under
Bob..great guy and good for the HAM community
                                            73 de Doug // N3ADL
P.S. I had a train of thought going..but someone unhooked the engine :)

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