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Sun Feb 4 10:15:04 EST 1996

Hi, during next ARRL DX CW me and other hams will be active with special
call IR3X.  Entry will be M/S, on all bands except top band.
Hope to see you, QSL to my call.
                                      73's de Paolo IK3QAR

>From ik0hbn at (Sante Lillo)  Sun Feb  4 14:25:10 1996
From: ik0hbn at (Sante Lillo) (Sante Lillo)
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 15:25:10 +0100
Subject: Qsl info for VU7APR
Message-ID: <9602041425.AA16960 at>

I apologize if this one in not the right forum for DXing and QSLing, but few
days ago there was a message requesting help for VU7APR address.
Unfortunately I miss that message, so I am forced to send help to all the forum.


I worked VU7NRO on march 26,1986. I received regularly qsl direct, but on
that card there was also the call VU7APR. So, I mean that it would be good
sending request for VU7APR to the same address of VU7NRO.

N.I.A.R  5-B,
PHONE: 0842/227287
TELEX:0425 6444

Pse add 2 Irc's   (so it is written on my card)

Good luck for your new one

73 es DX de Sante

Localita' Saineta, 3
01030 Bassano in Teverina (VT) Italy
home telephone: +39 (0) 761-407543  (FAX on demand)
internet : ik0hbn at
packet adr: IK0HBN at I0INU.IUMB.ITA.EU
DX cluster : I0JBL-6

>From Robert <w5robert at blkbox.COM>  Sun Feb  4 16:10:14 1996
From: Robert <w5robert at blkbox.COM> (Robert)
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 10:10:14 -0600 (CST)
Subject: QSK test? (fwd)
Message-ID: <9602041010.aa24449 at blkbox.COM>

Forwarded message:
> Found this interesting test on a use-group,  maybe not
> 100% scope evaluations, but has anyone done this with the high $$$ rigs???
>                                   Steve Ellington   Reading...Thu, 01 
> Feb 1996 07:11:54       Thread   28 of   61
> n4lq at      Steve Ellington at IgLou Internet Services 
> (1-800-436-4456)
> Last night we ran a QSK cookoff to determin which of three transceivers
> has the fastest QSK. The rigs were:
> Kenwood TS-940S
> TenTec  Triton IV  540
> Icom IC-706
> Dots were sent at various speeds from the rig being tested while one 
> dot was sent by the breaking station. If the dot was heard, transmission 
> was stopped immediately to acknowledge the break. This was done multiple
> times to eliminate the chance of error. Results were:
> TS-940s Maximum speed was aprox. 30wpm.
> Triton IV .......................25wpm
> IC-706...........................60wpm plus. It's keyer won't go any 
> faster.
> So even though the little 706 does chop it's dots, the recovery time on
> the receiver must be oustandingly fast.
> The Triton IV had the worst qsk even though it has better keying
> reproduction than the 706. Recovery time seems to be a problem. Even 
> at 25 wpm it was difficult to hear the breaking dot.
> The 706's receiver sounded like it was wide open even at 60 wpm and 
> could go much faster.
> --Steve Ellington N4LQ at IGLOU.COM  Louisville, Ky

73 Robert  WB5CRG  w5robert at   

>From Steve Lufcy <km0l at>  Sun Feb  4 19:48:50 1996
From: Steve Lufcy <km0l at> (Steve Lufcy)
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 13:48:50 -0600 (CST)
Subject: good ol' boys on 75m (fwd)
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.960204134814.24324B-100000 at>

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 13:41:28 -0600 (CST)
From: Steve Lufcy <km0l at>
To: cq-contest at
Subject: good ol' boys on 75m

The good ol' boys on 75 meters were in rare form last night during SSB 
sprint. Maybe cause we went to 75 early- but I have never heard such fowl 
languaage on the ham bands. The guys on 3850 really let loose. I only 
wish the FCC could have heard it. These guys are certainly the worst 
examples of radio amatuers concievable- how could they have possibly 
gotten licenses? The guys on 3835 always get on during contests for the 
sole purpose of harrassing contesters- anyone within 3 khz of them gets 
deliberately and maliciously interferred with. This is illegal and should 
should be dealt with by legal means.
I sure hate it that general class operaters are prevented from 
participating in contests on 75 meters because of the immature, self 
centered, and illegal actions of a few jerks who have no business 
operating a radio. Life would be better for all if these 75 meter jammers 
were removed the ham (or any other) bands.
Guess this gets a little steam off my chest. I do wonder what we can do 
about these guys. We can't ignore them- they chase us down to curse us 
and QRM us. Fighting with them is counter productive. No one should be 
subjected to the language and meanness.
Thanks for letting me vent-
73 de KM0L

>From Beryl Simonson <bsimonson at>  Sun Feb  4 20:13:38 1996
From: Beryl Simonson <bsimonson at> (Beryl Simonson)
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 15:13:38 -0500
Subject: Timewave DSP599ZX vs JPS NIR12
Message-ID: <c=US%a=_%p=Comcast_PcConnec%l=MONTEGOBAY960204151352CG005400 at montegobay>

I'm interested in a new DSP, primarily for CONTEST and low band use.  =
Has anyone tried these two new products?  If so, please give me your =
comments. I'll summarize for those that are interested.  Please reply to =
me, not to the entire list.

Thanks and 73,

Beryl D. Simonson  KE3GA
bsimonson at
(H) 610-664-0549                                                         =
(O) 215-765-4600
Frankford Radio Club

>From Jeff Singer <wa2syn at>  Sun Feb  4 21:14:47 1996
From: Jeff Singer <wa2syn at> (Jeff Singer)
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 16:14:47 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Tower rating question
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.960204155333.4989B-100000 at linet01>

Hi all...
  I just lost my Aluma 60'motorized crank-up in the recent windstorms 
here on 
Long Island. Fortunately, I am covered by my homeowners insurance. 
Naturally, I am looking to replace the whole thing (antennas gone too), 
and am considering a Tri-ex LM470E motorized crank-up, which should be 
better able to hold the antennas than the aluminum job, or so I think. And 
that leads to my question. 

  The advertising material from Tri-ex states the tower will handle 30sf 
at 50mph, 15sf at 70mph. I called the engineer, and he says that the 
50mph rating is NOT a rating, just a comparison for my "information," and 
that the 70mph rating is what he stands behind. Although quite a friendly 
and knowledgeable soul, I can't actually get him to commit to anything. 

  Does anyone here have any experience with this tower? I am planning to 
put up another KLM KT34-XA, and try a KLM 40M-4 (4el 40) instead of my 
destroyed 40-2CD. Total windload is 21sf, total antenna wt is 156 lbs.

  The popular US Tower HDX572 is also rated 30sf at 50mph, but NOT rated 
at 70mph, and just a bit too expensive. I wonder how they compare. 

  Any insight here would be most appreciated. Perhaps you could tell me 
of some other successful similar installations that would give me some 
perspective. My contest station is off 
the air, waiting for the insurance check to arrive,and I'm anxious to make 
final decisions so that I can begin to get back on track.

Thanks & 73 de JEFF WA2SYN

wa2syn at

>From jreid at (Jim Reid)  Sun Feb  4 23:14:29 1996
From: jreid at (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 1996 13:14:29 -1000
Subject: good ol' boys on 75m (fwd)
Message-ID: <199602042314.NAA05602 at>

Why not give them a little publicity?  Start spreading their call
letters around,  e-mail them to the FCC and to the ARRL  people
who are watch the government regulators.  The ARRL ought
to be able to get some thing done via the FCC.  These guys
should be pursued and sent letters by the FCC with cautions
and suitable threats;  then if they don't change their ways,
the FCC can do their usual Notification of Action,  license and 
operating privilege cancellation.  Why let it go on and on?
73,  Jim,  AH6NB
PS:  If the FCC isn't monitoring anymore,  suggest you make
audio recordings of what is going on,  being sure to get the
names they call one another by on "their" frequency,  if
possible,  as I suppose they don't bother to use their
call signs,  or do they*.  Send the recordings along with
the log data of date,  time, freq,  etc to the ARRL,  and
maybe even to Congressmen who are friendly to
amateur radio,  the ARRL can give you names.

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