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Mon Feb 12 17:51:10 EST 1996

I learned from KQ2M a few years ago.....get a clock that has a sweep second
hand and
PROMISE yourself that you will try your darndest to make at least one MORE
contact by the
time the second hand hits 12....really makes a small contest every minute
and before you
know it, it will be over and you will have a new record!

it really does help you focus every single minute of the contest...put it
right in your face and 
make it the one thing you concentrate on. If it helps, and you like him,
make it a Mickey Mouse clock...and Mickey will help you raise your
rate....(or Betty Boop, or anyone)

(this is not a joke...and has nothing to do with cows ..I hope!)
>80 METERS   89
>40 METERS   68
>20 METERS   45
> TOTALS    202  X   44    = 8,888
>I'VE got to stop ending up in my own little world listening to the 
>contest going on trying to find somebody to work. it usually starts when
>i call somebody, get beat out and don't find another station quickly.
>I end up tuning on adn on getting beat out adn not being able to find
>a frequency to cq on.  What is the solution to this problem?
>Thanks to matt, AE4JM ( a 15 year old extra) for the alabama mult
>late on 80 meters.  Going to drop him a note in the mail and invite
>him over to multi op sometime.
>Lots of loud sigs here especially k1ki on 40.
>next time n4kg's  state record will be history.
>73's  greg

>From al crespo <wr6r at>  Tue Feb 13 03:51:41 1996
From: al crespo <wr6r at> (al crespo)
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 19:51:41 -0800
Subject: Linn County Ordinance
Message-ID: <199602130351.TAA03877 at>

        Praise the Lord the Linn County Tower Ordinance applies only to that
         If you read the document, there is NO mention of the special status
of Amateur Radio under PRB-1. Commercial towers do not have the same special
status that amateurs have under FCC guideline- this ordinance never
differentiates  between the two totally different types of classes.
        For those in need of help concerning tower ordinates, contact the ARRL-
        Or was this ordinance really an early April Fool's joke?

                                Aloha, Al, WR6R/KH6

>From gmaples at (Gordon M. Maples)  Tue Feb 13 05:15:28 1996
From: gmaples at (Gordon M. Maples) (Gordon M. Maples)
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 23:15:28 -0600
Subject: My Apologies
Message-ID: <199602130515.XAA06265 at>

        I know you hve seen UNWANTED threads from this address in the last
several weeks... I hve been trying to identify the problem hr ... I am using
Eudora ver 2.0 and at "No" time hve I seen in "Any" of the messages I hve
sent ... any reference, in the To: address area , referring to the
<CQ-CONTEST at> address....  

My apologies to ALL in sending personal msg's to "ALL" ... but I'm stumped
at the moments ... Any ideas...

>From Fred Hopengarten" <k1vr at  Mon Feb 12 01:13:05 1996
From: Fred Hopengarten" <k1vr at (Fred Hopengarten)
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 20:13:05 EST
Subject: Tower Help
Message-ID: <311e9424.k1vr at>

On Sun, 11 Feb 1996 09:39:03 -0800, "Stan Griffiths" <w7ni at>

K1VR:     All said and done, however, I have yet to hear why my
> >parallel to the Lotus 1-2-3 program, as a tool for financial
> >analysts or lay people, is inaposite.
W7NI: I guess all I can say on this is, knowing the little that I do about
Lotus 1-2-3, it appears to be a very general spreadsheet program and has
extremely wide applications.  I don't know it well enough to know if there is
built-in advice on how to construct a financial analysis of a company such as
> Gimbles.  If there is then I guess your comparison is a good one, if not,
> then I'd say Lotus 1-2-3 is not a specific enough program to lay any blame
> on the Lotus software writers.


In fact, both Excel and 1-2-3 include "templates" for doing
a variety of very specific calculations.

W0UN has suggested another parallel.  There are half a dozen
tax prep software programs on the market.  A tower software
writer could easily steal their disclaimer clauses.
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