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Tue Feb 13 00:43:47 EST 1996

I cud continue the discussion, but my brahma doesn't want me to.

Zack W9SZ

(It's nice to see some people show their senses of humooor here ;-)  )

>this whole (or 2%) discussion is moot, 
>Aloha from Mooui Hawaii
>                 09:30 PM 2/12/96 GMT, you wrote:
>>	"you're 5 by 9....how do you cowpie???.......over"
>>This I like!
>>Derek/Derrick AA5BT

>From Matthew S. Trott" <0007288678 at mcimail.com  Tue Feb 13 07:15:00 1996
From: Matthew S. Trott" <0007288678 at mcimail.com (Matthew S. Trott)
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 96 02:15 EST
Subject: M0OOOO
Message-ID: <44960213071544/0007288678PJ1EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

I'd get on CW more but I just have a no-cud ticket. Hay, how would you veal?!
It behooves me to think! 

Bail me out,

Balzonna Heffer

>From kf3p at cais.cais.com (Tyler Stewart)  Tue Feb 13 08:18:41 1996
From: kf3p at cais.cais.com (Tyler Stewart) (Tyler Stewart)
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 03:18:41 -0500
Subject: Cushcraft 40-2CD
Message-ID: <199602130818.DAA04423 at cais.cais.com>

>|I do not agree that cushcraft antennas are not strong. Even the 40-m2. I know
>|a friend who has this antenna in a very high wind area and the antenna are OK.
>|Eddie Stark
>|The Cushcraft HF antennas are made out of the lightest materials of any HF
>|antenna manufacturer here in the States. As far as the 40-2CD antennas
>|surviving strong winds in your area, when you speed in your car, you don't
>|always get a speeding ticket do you?
>|Steve  K7LXC
>I have to agree with Steve. The 40-2CD is a superb antenna - electrically -
>but the driven element on mine is already bent 10 degrees due to a Central
>Texas squall line (still seems to work fine though). Looking back, I should
>have incorporated the mechanical strengthening suggested by W6QHS and
>others before putting it up. I would recommend those mods to any new users,
>except in the easiest of environments. Too bad Cushcraft couldn't build
>them in - then the 40-2CD would be a SPECTACULAR antenna!
>John, NT5C.

...and I DO have a SPECTACULAR antenna...a W6QHS "++" 402CD.  Man that sucker
plays and all my KLM stuff will be wasted before that thing starts bending.

Do the mods...ALL the mods.  It should last and stay straight forever...

73 Tyler kf3p at cais.com

>From Aurelio Bellussi <aurelio at esrac.ele.tue.nl>  Tue Feb 13 11:56:30 1996
From: Aurelio Bellussi <aurelio at esrac.ele.tue.nl> (Aurelio Bellussi)
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 12:56:30 +0100 (MET)
Subject: Radials & verticals
Message-ID: <199602131156.MAA12799 at sascha.esrac.ele.tue.nl>

Has anyone tried the following:

Put a multiband vertical, say MFJ 1792, on a pole about 18 feet off the ground.
Connect the radials at GROUND LEVEL and lay them out symetrically. 

Is there a difference in performance compared with a setup where the radials
are connected just below the feedpoint ???

73 de Aurelio PA3EZL/AA2WH
pa3ezl at esrac.ele.tue.nl

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