Power Line Noise-Part III

Lee Hiers, AA4GA aa4ga at sunbelt.net
Wed Feb 21 03:22:01 EST 1996

On 19 Feb 96, lun!shawn.lightfoot at lis.ab.ca wrote:

> Summary:
>         If you are considering buying a piece of land, before you even
> CONSIDER paying for it, check the noise level. Even if you think that it
> should not be noisey, do it anyway; you'll sleep better at night. Get
> the hell away from any 138KV 3 phasers- big problems. You have to be
> careful when doing noise checks with a mobile setup. You must realize
> that average signal strength readins will be lower on your 8 foot loaded
> whip on your vehicle. Don't think that just because it says you have an
> s-4 noise, that your full size dipole will read the same- it won't
> (expect higher noise on the full size). Compare one KNOWN noisey
> location to another. If a friend has a noisey area, go over with your
> mobile, and on a particular freq, check the S-meter, then you can
> COMPARE with those you take at your proposed site.

And, of course, even this is not foolproof.  When looking to buy the
house I'm in now, I went to a neighboring ham's home and listened to
all the frequencies of interest, heard nothing, and asked him if he
ever had noise problems...he said "no".  Then, I hooked up the mobile
rig and drove all around the subject property with not a bit of
noise...I thought everything was cool.

Well, turns out that I did my noise checks on a quiet night.  


You need to make these checks under varying conditions over a period
of time to be more certain of your analysis of the noise environment.

73 de Lee

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