TailTwister Rotor Problems

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>Thanks for the info.  A few years ago I had my TX2 apart, but I didn't have
>the replacement brake wedge.  I sanded the burrs off the old one, and put
>some low-temperature grease on it, but it still sticks.  I'm sure it's the
>old version, since I bought it in 1989.  I'll just replace the wedge this
>summer, and the bell housing if it looks damaged.

Hiya, Scott --

    Your bell housing is probably okay; they don't fail very often.  If it is
damaged, send the whole thing to Hy-Gain for the flat-fee repair -- they'll
replace the housings or anything else that needs replacing.
>Any suggestions for the notoriously flakey Hygain indicator pot?  Every
>few years I take the rotator apart and clean it, but it's never quite right.

   This is a perpetual problem.  The failure rate in manufacturing is pretty
high as well but they've gone to a couple of new parts and processes within
the last year.  You may want to try one of the new ones but the basic design
(and some problems) remains.

>Finally, one last question:  I want to take the rotator out of the tower
>without removing the mast and antennas, so the mast has  to be secured just
>above the rotator, and below the thrust bearing.  I thought of just
>putting some U-bolt through three pieces of flat steel stock, between the
>mast and the tower legs.  Any better ideas?
   If you really want to secure the mast, use aluminum angle with U-bolts on
the tower leg and on the mast.  One from each leg will be pretty bombproof.
 I usually just use short pieces of rope from the leg to the mast and use
clove hitches to secure it; you're really just trying to keep the mast from
banging around in case of the wind coming up.  If this is a quick swap (the
same day) and your mast/antenna load is reasonable, I'd just let the bottom
of the mast float temporarily; it really can't go too far.  Your thrust
bearing takes the weight anyway so you're really not changing much.

73 and GL,   Steve  K7LXC

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I really hate "Ya, me too messages.", but if you are trying to come up in 
the contesting ranks....  Save Trey's message.  Read it often. I can add 
nothing to it to help an up and coming contester.

               "There are no secrets!" 
"It turns out, as with most things is life, that skill and hard work
pay the most reliable dividends in the long run."

-Trey Garlough, Feb 1996

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