Remember the 160 Meter DX Window

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Thu Feb 22 17:21:26 EST 1996

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>Remember that 1.83 to 1.835 should be kept clear of stateside to stateside
>or EU to EU contacts

Last nite at grey line I heard a weak dx station calling over and over, at
1831.4, with no takers... Finally taking pity I  buzzed him back... at the
end of the qso he said 73 es going qrt... as soon as we finished I heard a
very weak dx station, right at the noise level on the north beverage, and
having over the pole flutter on the signal, calling me ... just as the dx got
to "...  k8do de..." a w station started calling the station that had gone
qrt, obliterating the dx calling me... When the w stood by I told him,
politely... "pse qsy   my freq   tnx    qrz dx de k8do"...  Instead of taking
the hint he proceeded to give me a diatribe about my having no right to
operate in the dx window, costing me the dx qso, a possible rare one... I'm
here to tell ya that I'm losing patience with these window kops.... idiots
like him are a good arguement for abolishing the dx window...


>From Hsu, Aaron" <ATHSU at  Thu Feb 22 22:36:00 1996
From: Hsu, Aaron" <ATHSU at (Hsu, Aaron)
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 96 14:36:00 PST
Subject: new vibroplex key...
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Doough!!!  I just bought a new Brass Racer with the triangular base a few 
weeks ago.  Being on a limited budget, I wish I would have waited for the 
new square base.  It looks REALLY sharp!

Oh well...c'ya all in the ARRL DX and CQ WPX tests!

  - Aaron Hsu, KD6DAE
    athsu at

From: owner-cq-contest
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Subject: new vibroplex key...
Date: Wednesday, February 14, 1996 8:33PM

the vibroplex brass racer preferred by contesters is now available with a
square base, polished oak base, and the famous vibroplex logo plate...
don't miss a chance to get a new vibroplex key with a *low* serial number...


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