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Sat Feb 24 12:50:48 EST 1996

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Subj:    K8AZ ARRL M/2 Score
Date:    96-02-24 12:38:47 EST
From:    Nzharps
To:      3830 at akorn.net
CC:      K8AZ

1996 ARRL CW    K8AZ   Multi-2

Operators: K8AZ,K8BL,K8NZ,ND8L,NI8L,N8LXS,WT8C,W8KIC and WT1S.

BAND          QSO's          MULTS.
  160               71                37
   80              311                68
   40              653                88
   20             1472              104
   15               190                72
   1O                12                 7
                   2709               376     CLAIMED= 3,052,368

STATION EQUIPMENT: IC-765'S (4+one on the shelf)+ homebrew AMPS + one Ten-Tec
Titan @ 1500w.

Computer Software:  CT v. 9.xx running on 5 networked PC's.

Antennas:  4 towers, many yagis, some wires and 3 BEVS.

Club Entry:  North Coast Contesters

          Hope things improve for SSB next weekend.  Thanks to Tom, K8AZ for
the use of his great station and his outstanding hospitality(who else feeds
his crew all weekend and then gives 'em Top Shelf Scotch afterward??).  Also
a BIG TNX to Reno, WT8C who makes the best Omlets in the contest world to
keep us going on Sunday.

    For the Crew at AZ,
    Ron, K8NZ

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