How Separate Tubing?

John A. Ross, IV wb2k at
Mon Feb 26 09:40:13 EST 1996

>At W3USS, when I got the HF6V down, I found that a screw had come out that holds
>the top two telescoped aluminum pieces in place.  May have been years ago; would
>have been greased only for the normal overlap, not the additional foot or
>whatever that it is now telescoped.  Couldn't budge it by twisting.  Anyone have
>a good idea on how to get this telescoped aluminum apart?  Really need antenna
>for 80/160 in CONTEST. (Roof is copper sheetin -- good groundplane -- and 100
>feet high, so transmits better than average.  Also receives all the buidling and
>city noises better than average, am working on that too.) Thanks.
>Dave K3ZJ (0006358668 at

I had this happen twice on old antennas (couldn't get sections apart). My
first thought was to use heat. I heated up the joint, then immersed the
smaller section in cold water up to just near the joint. I had hoped the
smaller section would cool (and contract faster). It didn't work for me,
but may for you.

What _did_ work was about 6 applications of Liquid Wrench over a day or so.
and tapping the joint with the handle of a big screwdiver to help it work
in. The key indgredient was to then knock the section IN a bit from the
end. That freed it up and it came back out with normal twisting.

Good Luck...John
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Summit, New Jersey
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>From paul at (Paul Terwilliger)  Mon Feb 26 06:05:02 1996
From: paul at (Paul Terwilliger) (Paul Terwilliger)
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 96 06:05:02 GMT
Subject: Soliciting Contest QSOs on Packet
Message-ID: <znr825314702k at sunrise>

N4ZR wrote:

> As I write this, the East Coast packet network is alive with "spots" in the
> CQ 160 Contest.  Some stations are spotting themselves, pleading for QSOs,
> while others are spotting their friends, or fellow club members.
> I've just read the rules, which are quite vague on this subject.  Is it OK
> to solicit for yourself on packet if you're a multi-op, because you can use
> packet to get spots on other people?  What about single ops?
> Seems to me that the intent of the rule on the use of packet, spotting nets,
> etc. is to regulate the use of external assistance in finding other people
> to work, not to permit solicitation of QSOs via a different band... kind of
> like moving people from packet to 160.
> I don't blame people currently for using this technique, because there is no
> rule against it.  But should there be?
> 73, Pete Smith N4ZR
> n4zr at 

Is this all that much different from having a member of your multi-op
group look for mults/Q's on any other non-contest band?  Such as 15M
SSB during the 10M test?

IMHO, not a bit.

So, are these activities within the rules?  Should they be?

IMHO, yes, to both.

As for packet self-solicitation, I'd say that is a matter between the
sysop and the person doing it.

Paul, NX1H

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