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Mon Feb 26 11:06:18 EST 1996

Is there a list or a source of info on who to qsl for contest contacts?
ie....TI1C goes to N6TR  or V31EV goes to NS0B.  I realize that many
contest contacts are the home station of the contestant but also know
that many of the big guns have their own hideway on exotic islands with
their unique calls.

Hopefully, this source would be a web site with a search function.

Wayne KC5DVT   ehayes at

>From David L. Thompson" <thompson at  Mon Feb 26 17:30:26 1996
From: David L. Thompson" <thompson at (David L. Thompson)
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 12:30:26 -0500
Subject: K4JRB 160 SSB Score
Message-ID: <199602261722.MAA17423 at>

I only was able to work one night Friday, early Saturday.  Was all set up on
DVK100 to run stations Sat nite but family emergency came up and could not
get on.  Anyway using my old FT-980 and 8877 AMP into wimpy MULTEE antenna
(no receiving antenna..they are all still down).  11 hours mainly S&P to
work the main contenders....

543 Q's  1355 points  54 W/VE (missed Idaho)  20DX     =     100,270 points

How about IR4T and KH6CC on the same freq at the same time at 5/9?.....

Send me your logs as soon as possible and I'll put claimed scores for CQ
CONTEST and other points(akorn, cq-contest reflector) with CW about April
1st and SSB about May 1st.  Shooting for May 10 to send claimed scores for
print in August CQ.

73, Dave K4JRB 

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