KM9P: 10 strikes and you're out! de W2CRS

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Tue Feb 27 11:27:39 EST 1996

In a message dated 96-02-27 00:34:57 EST, you write:

>>I've always thought that there should be a rule in contesting... If you
>>don't work someone in 10 CQ's and someone calls you on it, you MUST move.
>>Then we'd find out who the ops are and those that are not. 

Oh, sweet... real sweet.....  Now, along with KilocycleKops (copywrite @
k8do)who deliberately jam the window and cost me a rare one because they
can't hear the DX on their butternut vertical,  I will now have other wackos
jamming my run frequency, rightously claiming I'm over my count... Jeez,
thanks Bill... don't know how I ever got along without your suggestions... :)

Denny       ... counting to ten to keep from strangling someone....

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