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Wed Feb 28 18:59:28 EST 1996

In a message dated 96-02-28 12:58:16 EST, I wrote:

>In the free market of ideas (and contest formats) the contests with
>rules will eventually die out being replaced by contests with more popular
>rules so I am against  new contest formats. (Of course, we may die first and
>therefore not want to wait for "market" results).

OOPS!   Line 3 above should read "so I am NOT against new contest formats."
 While I don't consider the CQ 160M phone contest broken, perhaps it can be
made more fun.  And I disagree with those who say scrap the phone contest.  I
prefer CW contests, too, but if you want new blood in contesting, I bet most
of it will come from those who try a phone contest first and get hooked!

And Dave, NG0X, is absolutely correct.  A program to figure distances between
grids is so trivial it could be easily added to contest software.

73,  Doug  W2CRS/0

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