Output Spike on Icom-706

K7LXC at aol.com K7LXC at aol.com
Wed Feb 28 23:03:07 EST 1996

In a message dated 96-02-28 14:53:44 EST, you write:

> Some time delay is required for the ALC circuitry in the 706 to kick in and
cause the >output power to be cut back to the proper amount. 

  It seems to me that I read the same scenario and caution applied to 2M HTs
when driving a brick.  When "low power" is selected, it seems like they would
xmit on high power for a wee bit until the ALC kicked in and dropped to the
"low power" level.  It was raising havoc with the 2M bricks as well.  

73, Steve  K7LXC

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