Force 12 C-3 vs. TH7DXX

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Fri Jan 19 12:51:34 EST 1996

On Fri, 19 Jan 96, Steve Sacco <0006901972 at> wrote:
>I learned all I ever care or need to know about the TH6/TH7 
series after reading the NCJ article last year in which the 
designer of the TH6 was interviewed.  (I don't recall which 
issue,or the engineer's name - I'm on the road right now, and 
don't have
>In the article, the designer gave design priorities for the 
TH7.  The Number 1 priority was F/B.  I suppose this make sense 
- it's easier for a ham to distinguish F/B than forward gain.  
>For myself, it's all I need to know.  Forward gain makes you 
loud.  F/B does not.  
>Nuff said.
>Steve KC2X
>ssacco at
   Let's not forget that a better F/B ratio makes received 
signals Appear louder due to a possibly better S/N ratio.
>If you have a super quiet QTH then it's probably a great idea 
to shoot for maximum forward gain but if you need to 
occasionally "NULL" out QRM,QRN etc to hear a station then good 
F/B is a good idea at the expense of a db or two of forward 
Hearing them is just as important as them hearing you.
  Ken KP4XS/W4

>From Spencer Lazar <slazar19 at>  Fri Jan 19 17:58:35 1996
From: Spencer Lazar <slazar19 at> (Spencer Lazar)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 12:58:35 -0500
Subject: Fish Head Gas
Message-ID: <199601191758.MAA11433 at>

Attention: Incoming message from wannabee newbee, qrs code copying short term
           memory champion!

Dear Slim Whitman,
After reading these pathetic announcements on the reflecter it's no wonder
that wedge heads win all the contests! Especially the guys who give their
complete life history, including step by step plans on how to duplicate
their home brew dipoles!

On a seriou note Slim, it's getting so that any self respecting contester would
never post an announcement on this reflecter unless he  wannabee a wedge
head dumpster for any preambles that he doesn't want to retain in his long
term memory!

Thank heaven my short term memory is so bad I can't remember who these
retards are,  otherwise I wouldn't work them in the contests! Also somebody
has to stand up and be counted and back up the guys who operate in the
window! From this day forward I am making a list of guys who operate in the
window and only will work them.  For the guys who stay out of the window,
hell will freeze over and I will suck diarrhea out of a menstrating
manatee's arse in the middle of Hara arena before I will succumb to work you
in any contest and thats no oxymoron!, regardless of my manifestations!  

As I was saying, thank heaven I wrote this down, Window operators are to be
admired and thank goodness that Micro Soft recognizes this by spending biz
bux and their Widow's 95 pogroms to commensurate the homecoming of our
sacred  window!

As you know, After these guys after sit on their scrotums**  for 48 hours
during a contest they start to sputter off brain cells, and these things
don't regenerate very easily  and its a good thing that they know their grid
squares or else they never find their way home!

 ** ( For those of you for some reason or another that don't posses any,
please       send me a sase and I'll mail you mine!)

Now that I've said all the serious stuff that was on my gourd, take the
Steelers straight up with the 5 to 1 odds you should clean up, everyone nose
that Dallas can only win if the short skip is in, and the fat lady has just
farted a cubic yard of Fish Head Gas, and has left the stadium!

For those of you who cannot control yourselves and have the urge to respond
to this posting please control your sphincters, and do not post it on this
reflecter!  You may mail it to:  Dr.Baffoof at (all replies will
be bundled and trashed)

 Sincerely Yours,

 Dr. Baffoofnik, ****   (Call withheld by the reflecter shamus)


 Please make a note of the correct spelling of my name, because if you
miscopy   it during the exchange in the CQ 160 DX Test, I will loose the point!

>From btippett at (Bill Tippett)  Fri Jan 19 17:16:25 1996
From: btippett at (Bill Tippett) (Bill Tippett)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 13:16:25 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Pointing Yagis into Wind de K8CC
Message-ID: <01I07271R2SU8ZFLO5 at SUNBELT.NET>

Here is my experience from Colorado where we routinely had several 
100+ MPH Chinook winds per season and two 140+ in 1982.  I had a 
5 el KLM 20 and 3 el KLM 40 on 148 feet of Rohn 45 for over 10 years with
no rotator or antenna damage other than slight bending of the elements.

For high winds (50+) ONLY, point the array 180 degrees from the wind 
direction.  This is the most stable situation since the KLM 20 is forward 
offset.  If you have a balanced antenna boom, into the wind is probably
the same.  When I put my KLM 20 back up this spring, I have added a
wind balancing plate to the shorter end of the boom.

For wind AND ice loading conditions, point the array with element tips into 
the wind.  This minimizes ice loading on the elements which are the 
weakest part of the antennas.  Unfortunately I learned this lesson the hard
way by losing 10 and 15 meter elements from monobanders on another
tower.  Our power failed and I could not rotate that antenna after I realized
we were having icing conditions (rare in Colorado).

73,  Bill  W0ZV

>From Pete Smith <n4zr at>  Fri Jan 19 18:39:26 1996
From: Pete Smith <n4zr at> (Pete Smith)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 10:39:26 -0800
Subject: Beverages and Towers - Interaction
Message-ID: <199601191839.KAA06042 at>

Now that I have a feedline and preamp out in the back 40 (currently attached
to a EWE), I'm starting to wonder if I couldn't fit in a 290 foot beverage
for 80/160, pointed somewhere near Europe.  Trouble is that the Bev would
necessarily pass under the guy wires for my 100-foot tower (which, with the
yagi on top, is somewhere near 1/4-wave resonant on 160) and within 50 feet
or so of the tower base.  I have heard that a tower that close to a Beverage
will couple vertically-polarized noise into it, effectively negating the
Beverage's advantage.  True?  And if true, how far away is far enough?  And
if I were to go for a 2-beverage array, spaced either 135 or 200 ft, would
it be sensible to lay it out with the tower about half-way between the two
(or is that the worst possible situation)?

Direct replies please, and I'll summarize if there's interest.


Pete N4ZR (n4zr at

>From Pete Smith <n4zr at>  Fri Jan 19 18:39:33 1996
From: Pete Smith <n4zr at> (Pete Smith)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 10:39:33 -0800
Subject: Foot-switches
Message-ID: <199601191839.KAA06060 at>

This is really mundane, but what are you all using for footswitches for
phone contests?  I have used a Radio Shack $3.95 footswitch for years,
always chasing at around on the floor under my desk but never caring enough
about phone to do anything.  I suppose I could attach it to a board or
something to make it hold still, but as long as I'm going to that trouble
I'd just as soon do something better.  Homebrew?  Surplus (if so, where?)?

Direct replies appreciated, and I'll summarize if there's interest.


Pete N4ZR (n4zr at

>From Cleve D Leclair <dleclair at>  Fri Jan 19 18:46:34 1996
From: Cleve D Leclair <dleclair at> (Cleve D Leclair)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 10:46:34 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Pointing yagis into the wind
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.960119103921.11861A-100000 at>

Yes - point the boom into the wind. Or in my case my case CDE-45 rotor
with KLM 40M-1 @ 55' Telrex @ 50'... The big winds that we had one day
here in western Oregon keep swinging my disc-brake rotor to 45 degs
and I wud turn it to 15 degs...Then after a few min it was back to 45 or
so degs...This leads me to the conclusion that pointing a boom into the
wind is the point of least wind resistance...


>From terwill at (Paul Terwilliger)  Mon Jan 15 12:12:05 1996
From: terwill at (Paul Terwilliger) (Paul Terwilliger)
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 96 12:12:05 GMT
Subject: NX1H NAQP CW score
Message-ID: <znr821707925k at>

                  1996 NCJ NORTH AMERICAN QSO PARTY

Call used: NX1H                                           Location: NH

Category: Single Op All Band         Mode: CW              Power: 150W

Callsign of Operator: NX1H  

Exchanged Information: NX1H PAUL NH  

Hours of Operation: 09:54

band      QSOs     points    mults
160         50        50       21
 80        179       179       39
 40        108       108       37
 20        138       138       42
 15         17        17       11
 10          3         3        2
TOTAL      495       495      152      SCORE: 75,240
Club or Team Name:  Rednecks #2

Station Description:
10 - 6 el @ 60 ft
15 - 6 el @ 90 ft
20 - 6 el @ 90 ft
40 - 4-square suspended from 20M tower
80 - 4-square
160 - shunt fed 90 ft tower.

IC-781, NA 9

My first NAQP.  Never seemed to get a rhythm going 'till about 0400 
on 80M.  Sure could have used a second radio.  Sure should have been
doing more passing.  Ah, well.

Anyone need a team member for SSB?

Paul, NX1H

>From David L. Thompson" <thompson at  Fri Jan 19 19:18:31 1996
From: David L. Thompson" <thompson at (David L. Thompson)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 14:18:31 -0500
Subject: CQ WW 160 Contest Log Checking
Message-ID: <199601191911.OAA22929 at>

I have received several requests on how the CQ 160 contest is checked and I
thought this is probably the best forum to make a short explaination.

First, I am following and expanding on Don. N4IN's plan.   Much has been
computerized, but much is still good old hand (and eye) checking.

Second, like all CQ contests all time spent in administration is volunteer.
There are no paid workers!!!!!

Checking basics:     The past three years about 28% on average send a
diskette and many of these are old IBM 360KB jobbies (58% last year).
However nearly 72% of the North American logs are printed using CT or NA.
K3EST says I am running a few % higher on diskettes than with the CQWW.

The diskettes are run into a small program that takes the dup file and
builds a database in entrant/call order (such as K4JRB/my dup file).   This
is the basis for computer checking as there is only one band and I don't
care about the time.  This also points out the need to retain all dups so an
entrant won't lose a Q or mult if not matched with the other log!    This
forms the basis for the "Master log."    The hand logs (every one) are then
reviewed for new calls and new calls are stored as ZZZ999/calls.   This
completes the master log!   With my PC I can quickly look up a call or add a
call.   I may even add the N6AA option of totally checking a log just by
entering the call/Do.

As logs are received I enter the summary into a database which checks the
scoring and provides the basis for printing the claimed and final score for
CQ in WP5.1 format.   M/O operators are keyed into a separate database, and
club scores are put into a club database via up to a  6 character name(SEDXC
or FRC or YCCC).

Every log is hand checked for errors in the N4IN format.  We find KH8 listed
as CT but with 10 points as an example.  We look at uniques which are busted
calls (K4DOL = K4ODL).  This is counted if state/location is correct unless
a duplicate.  Logs less than a certain score and not in line for a
certificate or plaque are not checked further except for cross checking for
bigger logs.  Cross checking is done on a statistical sampling basis based
upon score size.  If there are no problems found the log is clear and a
final score noted in the database.  For each error (not in log) two more are
checked at random.  Too many errors and the log is put aside for executive
action!  Usually I send a note of warning the first time, list then in CQ a
second, and disqualify them the third.  Occassionally we just disqualify the
log (I have three examples that I use for this action).   Too many errors or
uniques make a log stand out like a sore thumb!

Most "not in the log" are simply they came back and the contact timing felt
correct.  There is not a competitive  entrant who has not logged a contact
discovered not in the log!  On big scores this often means thousands of
points lost...but since this is still an innocent mistake no pentaly is

I do follow N4IN's rule about removing contacts in doubt.  For example, I
worked a KL7 a few years ago which he removed as no one east of W5 logged
him and this guy was not yet in the call book with his new call.   I have a
QSL, but Don said better luck next time!  Last year I removed several mults
as the station was the only one to work the station and not even a nearby
active entrant had the station in the log! ( USA/EU or JA/ASIA).    Contacts
with countries not allowed 160 are removed, too.  A YB had almost a page of
JA's on SSB which were removed as JA can only use CW on 160.    

The main problem with log checking is we really have two separate contests,
one in NA and one in EU with only limited cross-over.  I have a handle on
USA/VE, but need assistance in getting lists of UA and Ukraine stations that
make up the majority of the uniques and possibly inflate the log totals.   I
appreciate the stations that send me lists of possible uniques they work.
However, most go on to work a number of other stations (sort of like with
potato chips)!  Several even have gone on to win certificates!  Uniques,
after correction, are less than 2% in a USA/VE log so I don't worry about
them except I use several call sign databases to check on state/class of

I would like more computer logs with diskette, all logs checked for errors
and readibility,  hand logs that are clean, and a summary sheet up front
with Q's, points, USA/VE, DXCC/WAE, and score.   Finally, please clearly
indicate your operating location and class so we don't put you in the wrong

Maybe we can eliminate the CQ requirement for a hand log if we get enough
diskettes with summary sheet!

73,   Dave K4JRB
CQ WW 160 Meter Contests Director
Contesting since 1958 as K4JRB, K5MDX, VP2MDX.

>From Fred Hopengarten" <k1vr at  Fri Jan 19 18:25:53 1996
From: Fred Hopengarten" <k1vr at (Fred Hopengarten)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 13:25:53 EST
Subject: Splices Way Up in the Sky
Message-ID: <30ffe232.k1vr at>

It is winter here in New England.  Trudging out to my tower
without snowshoes causes the tower maintenance man (me) to
sink into snow above his knees.  The ARRL DX COMPETITION
(like Field Day, I guess this too is not a contest) is
coming up long before the warm weather arrives.

Meanwhile, at the 90 foot level, I have a coax problem.  I
must chop off some RG-213 and put on a PL-259 connector at
the cut, to splice in a jumper.

I know how I'd tackle this problem on the ground, but I'm
really not sure how to make the best PL-259 connection way
up in the air.  Dear Contest Reflector Reader:  What would
you do?
                      Fred Hopengarten K1VR
           Six Willarch Road * Lincoln, MA 01773-5105
     home + office telephone:  617/259-0088 (FAX on demand)
                   internet:  k1vr at
            "Big antennas, high in the sky, are better
                       than small ones, low."

>From Bill Fisher, KM9P" <km9p at  Fri Jan 19 22:56:58 1996
From: Bill Fisher, KM9P" <km9p at (Bill Fisher, KM9P)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 17:56:58 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CQ WW 160 Contest Log Checking
Message-ID: <199601192256.RAA24835 at>

At 02:18 PM 1/19/96 -0500, you wrote:

>I do follow N4IN's rule about removing contacts in doubt.  For example, I
>worked a KL7 a few years ago which he removed as no one east of W5 logged
>him and this guy was not yet in the call book with his new call.   I have a
>QSL, but Don said better luck next time!

Boy, I don't know about the rest of you, but I sure have a problem with this
kind of log checking.  It's one thing to take out a QSO that you can prove
to a reasonable doubt is bad, it's another to take it out because you
"figure" it's bad.  I'll bet K1ZM/2 works alot of stuff most of us would
figure might not be possible.  N4RJ told me he worked 9M2AX LP on 160 the
other night...  I'll be most would figure that QSO not possible.  I'll bet
the QSL card says differently.



>From silver at (Carlos Augusto Silveira Pereira)  Fri Jan 19 23:03:42 1996
From: silver at (Carlos Augusto Silveira Pereira) (Carlos Augusto Silveira Pereira)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 21:03:42 -0200
Subject: NAQP phone
Message-ID: <199601192303.VAA15148 at>

I would like to participate of the NAQP phone. What is the 40 meters american phone band? For International STATIONS you exchange name + country! Do I use Carlos-PY or Carlos-Brazil? Power is limited to 150w?


Carlos - PY1CAS
E-mail: silver at

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