NAQP SSB Summary

bscott at bscott at
Sat Jan 20 21:05:08 EST 1996

Had a ball again working this one when I could. Only able to get in 4 hours or 
so, as I got the kitchen walls tore down and the XYL was hollering....

Call: KF9YH
Location: Hobart, IN

Total QSO's - 92
Valid QSO's - 91

Mult's      - 53

Total       - 4823

Using FT-990 with Moseley TA-33 at 45' for 10-15-20, Inverted-V's for
40 and 80 at 40'.

73 & see ya in the next one....Bob

Address: bscott at
Name: Bob Scott
Amateur radio call: KF9YH
Member: National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (Paramedic)
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