KP4XS/W4 2 man Multi Results.

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Mon Jan 22 10:59:59 EST 1996

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Subject: Re: KP4XS/W4 2 man Multi Results.

I heard you several times on scatter SUnday morning on 6.  You 
peaked rather strong.  However, no one heard us.  I heard 
several people
call you, like KM1X.  Too bad, because working you would have 
made the
contest. 73 Ed WA2SCA as KL7JT/1 in FN51

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>From Chad Kurszewski  WE9V <kurscj at>  Mon Jan 22 16:53:34 1996
From: Chad Kurszewski  WE9V <kurscj at> (Chad Kurszewski WE9V)
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 10:53:34 -0600
Subject: NAQP Multi-1, 10 Minute Rule
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KI7WX, Doc, Utah   Multi operator, Single transmitter NAQP SSB wrote:

>We were only running one transmitter, so band changes did not help
>us much with the 10 minute rule in effect.

I wonder out loud:

For the NAQP Multi-2 catagory, if you were running only one TX, if
a band change is legal, so long as the "phantom TX" or the "real TX"
didn't change bands more than once per 10 minutes?

The logs would look the same as a M/2.

It essentially would be like a CQWW DX M/S with only one TX.

Something to consider/discuss for the next NAQPs if you want to do
a Multi op/Single TX.

Chad Kurszewski, WE9V              e-mail:  Chad_Kurszewski at
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>From Dave Lawley <101332.232 at>  Mon Jan 22 18:19:28 1996
From: Dave Lawley <101332.232 at> (Dave Lawley)
Date: 22 Jan 96 13:19:28 EST
Subject: G4BUO E-mail Address
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Please note my new address  101332.232 at

The IBMMAIL addresses won't work any more as I have left that job, however 
I can't guarantee that your mail will be bounced back together with a helpful 
reject message.

Please also use the Compuserve address for any queries about RSGB HF contests.


Dave G4BUO
101332.232 at

>From Dave Lawley <101332.232 at>  Mon Jan 22 18:19:15 1996
From: Dave Lawley <101332.232 at> (Dave Lawley)
Date: 22 Jan 96 13:19:15 EST
Subject: G3SJX IC775/FT1000MP Review
Message-ID: <960122181914_101332.232_GHW74-1 at CompuServe.COM>

I know there has been interest on the contest reflector in the review of these
rigs in January Radcom done by Peter Hart G3SJX. Peter is a contester and always
checks out the radios under contest conditions.

I contacted RSGB headquarters today and understand that a G3SJX review of the
TS870 is planned to be published in the April edition of Radcom.

>From overseas, non-members of RSGB can purchase single copies of Radio
Communication for 3.50 sterling plus 1.75 sterling post and packing (about 8.50
dollars total). If you want the copy with Peter's review of the 775 and 1000MP
in, make sure to ask for the January edition. Orders can be by Access or Visa,
on the 24-hour answerphone number 1707-660888 or Fax 1707-645105.  For 34.00
sterling you can take out a year's RSGB membership which of course brings you
twelve copies of Radcom but again if you want the rig review make sure to ask
for the sub. to start from January.

There will be an RSGB stand at Dayton but I can't guarantee that the sample
copies of Radcom which they have with them will be the ones containing the rig


Dave G4BUO
101332.232 at

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