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Tue Jul 9 11:12:52 EDT 1996

Hello Lew

  I'm not sure that Japanese 2Mer is hearing Over sea signal day and day.
Sometime, VKs signals come to JAPAN. 
  That frequency is around 144.200MHz. Many Japanease 2M DXer 
are around here.  
  But ,our 9 area is not good location to West Coast . Hi.

73 Kony JH9VSF  (was menber of JA9YBA)

>   Does anyone on the reflector know of the JA 2M calling frequency for
>DX/weak signal? The CQ-VHF test is this weekend and looks like a duct
>could occur between West Coast & JA.  You never know......till you try.
>   73 and I remain,        Lew
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From: 0006627542 at mcimail.com (Felipe J. Hernandez) (Felipe J. Hernandez)
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 96 20:25 EST
Subject: re. Bertha
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  Well the power is back, good thing that I live next to the major
  Hospital in San Juan, that means power quick! We were fortunate
  enought that bertha changed drastically at the last moment, the
  guys in the lesser antilles werent that fortunate, also the smaller
  islands on the east of Puerto Rico got quite a pounding, including
  the island of Vieques in wich I have a house, In the TV they showed
  A video of the area in wich I have the little house and I couldnt see it,
  two things,the camera wasnt focused or it was swept away! jaja.

  Will like to thank all of you guys that sent messages of encouragement
  and those who prayed for us, I think those prayers do move this things
  out of the way!  As of my station,no Idea, reports of winds of over 100
  mph in that area, 2300ft height on the east of the island, isnt really
  great news.  The good thing is that my wife, and my sister, mother,nephew
  and brother in law stayed here and nothing happened, they came to visit
  from the states and Im wondering if the fact that my nephew's name is
  Mason Storm had to do with it!!

  Well tomorrow is a New Day Ill start picking the Zillion coconuts in
  my back yard and go visit  21 communications sites to see what happened
  isnt life great? 

  cu in SF


>From aa8u at voyager.net (AA8U)  Tue Jul  9 02:41:58 1996
From: aa8u at voyager.net (AA8U) (AA8U)
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 1996 21:41:58 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: VK/ZL/OC 160M DX Contest
Message-ID: <199607090141.VAA28189 at vixa.voyager.net>

Hello Down Under!

Below is a reprint of the rules for the VK/ZL 160M Contest. I present it as
a reminder and to let you folks know that ZK1MJZ will be operating this
contest from Rarotonga. Look for Stan, home call K8MJZ, during this event.
He will likely choose to enter CW mode. If you work Stan and would like a
QSL card, request it via. the Bureau, or the callbook address. 

Stan's email address is:   stanbar at voyager.net

I will be operating 160M, and other bands as well, during our stay on
Rarotonga as ZK1AAU from July 11th thru the 21st. I don't know what to
expect for propagation on 160M. Please let me know what times are optimum to
work ZK1 from your location and I will make every effort to work you. We
will erect an inverted-L and a couple Beverage rx antennas. We packed my
Timewave DSP-59+, the better to hear you with.....

The way I see it, this is the peak of the "top band" sunspot cycle. Hope to
work you from ZK1 soon.

Gotta go finish packing. Leaving for the airport Wedensday.

73 to all,

aa8u at voyager.net


1st South Pacific 160m Contest

When: 0500-2359z, Saturday 20 July 1996

In this contest, which is scheduled for the third full weekend of July each
year, the objective is for VK, ZL and P2 stations to work as many local and
overseas stations as possible on 160m. DX stations are also encouraged to
participate, but can only work VK, ZL, and P2.

Sections are Phone, CW, and SWL (all single operator). Exchange RS(T) plus
serial number. Stations should claim 2 points per QSO with their own call
area, or 5 points per QSO for all other call areas. For VK and ZL entrants:
if the number in your callsign differs from your actual location, please
follow your callsign with the appropriate numeral to indicate your location.

The multiplier is the number of VK and ZL call areas worked, plus the number
of DXCC countries worked. The final score equals the total QSO points times
the multiplier.

Certificates will be awarded to the top scoring stations in each section, in
each call area of VK and ZL, and each DXCC country. Send your log, signed
summary sheet, details of your station, and any comments to: "John Litten
ZL1AAS, Onemana Post, Whangamata, New Zealand" to be received within 6 weeks
after the end of the contest. For 1996, this is 2 September. Logs on disk
are most welcome.


>From ND3A at cais.cais.com (Rob Shapiro - ND3A)  Tue Jul  9 09:40:07 1996
From: ND3A at cais.cais.com (Rob Shapiro - ND3A) (Rob Shapiro - ND3A)
Date: Tue,  9 Jul 96 01:40:07 PDT
Subject: Operating System Query
Message-ID: <Chameleon. at nd3a.cais.com>

Hi everyone!  I am planning to purchase a new PC later this summer.  I currently 
run an ancient 386/33 with Windows 3.1.  What concerns, if any, should I have 
when it comes to choosing an operating system for my pc and how my various 
CONTESTING/general ham radio software will be affected, i.e. EZNEC, AO/YO, 
CT 9, and DXBase.  Most pentium systems are coming loaded with Windows 95 
but I am also beginning to see Windows NT being offered with the high end 
equipment.  I am competent when using computers but know little about 
operating systems other than NT is supposed to be a true 32-bit operating 
system while '95???

Please reply to me directly and if I receive enough feedback, I will summarize and 
post to the reflector.  And thanks in advance!

73, Rob

Rob Shapiro - ND3A
Potomac Valley Radio Club
Internet: nd3a at cais.com

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