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  European Perspective
  Had fun running some Qs as a check-log entrant in the IARU Test
  while keeping an eye out for any sign of propagation to the West Coast.
  Conditions on 10 meters here in Western Europe were exceptional to
  the USA (some kind of enhanced double-hop "E" ?) with over 200
  NA contacts on the band  ( amongst others,W1AW/3 was 59 at 0230!)
  We were fortunate to have the West Coast on 20 meters from around 2200,
  onwards 'til about 0300, albeit then with *very* weak signals. As someone
  else mentioned, not all signals were the same, all contacts from here on CW
  were with the 1000MP barefoot but the ole SB220 had to be fired up for
  Made 24 Qs on CW and 22 on SSB; believe G3TXF made the mid-40s on
  CW as did Dave, G4BUO.
  Certainly was something different!  
  Steve GW4BLE.

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