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Mon Jul 15 23:39:07 EDT 1996

     Walt, thanks for the kudos but please do not use "Bill C" when it is
time for me to enjoy that pizza.  Lets keep politics off of the reflector,
that is an early ham radio lesson - you just don't bring it up - just a
"tipper", Al...err...I mean Walt.

Slick Jimmy

zx (working on re-learning how to operate "the phone", over)

heah, too bad about K3LR getting that superglue on his hands before the
contest (Check out both of the WRTC Website pix of Tim )
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Well, both the 1996 WRTC event and the Great Florida Contest Group Pizza
Challenge are now history.  In the latter, K1ZX ("anchovies do NOT stink!")
stormed to a decisive victory on all bands, beating AC1O 53-50 on 40, 48-42
on 15 and 51-50 on 10 (we both got the sweep on 20, although I worked 20
stations on 20 SSB just in case a tie-breaker was necessary).  ZX has thus
once again demonstrated why he is the Bill Clinton of the FCG and I am its

Both the Pizza Challenge and the WRTC were great fun, and EVERYONE involved
deserves a big "TU".  (Our Pizza Challenge, and its propagation on this
reflector was, of course, a thinly-veiled effort to generate both interest
in, and enthusiasm for, the WRTC event among non-team members.)  And one
WRTC comment: In my opinion, the two AH3 "wild card" teams" were right up
there with the leaders in terms of operating skills.  

And now to get ready for the next Florida Contest Group meeting, when the
K1ZX Victory Cry will emanate yet again from the pizzeria kitchen:

"Anchovies Coming -- One Order!!"


73, Walt, AC1O
WWW: http://www.4w.com/deemer; amateur radio, news, weather & financial info.

>From G.DAUGHT at Forsythe.Stanford.EDU (George Daughters)  Tue Jul 16 05:01:19 1996
From: G.DAUGHT at Forsythe.Stanford.EDU (George Daughters) (George Daughters)
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 96 21:01:19 PDT
Subject: vy1rac? what region?

Hi all contesters,

i just got a call on the land line from
a frustrated Jay Allen (vy1ja in real life).
he asked me to post this story:

he reports that he tried to search and pounce
all of the 1x1 calls to make sure they got his
double mult.  He did manage to get all 54 calls
(incl the ah3c&d) at least once.

he says he doesn't want to do the RAC thing
again if he has to use the vy1rac call sign.
he said he must have given about 500 repeats
even to the 1x1 guys, explaining that his call
was vy1rac and his region was RAC.  ("no, no,
i have your call; please give me your region!")

he also had a double-barrelled visit from murphy;
his coax fried at a junction up his tower, and
the wind was blowing too hard to attempt a
repair, so he had to finish with reduced power
(i.e. without an amplifier) and with questionable
coax (his swr went sky-high on 40 meters)

then, the switching transistor in his computer
keying interface died as well. oh well, there's
always the hand key.

he finished with "only 400 qso's" (his phrase)
and he apologizes for letting down the folks
who asked him to QSY which often didn't work.
he feels really bad about it.

I told him that everyone he worked was very
appreciative, as we always are for the vy1
in *every* contest!

anyhow, if you asked jay to qsy and couldn't
find him, he tried!

73 all, ab6yl


>From w7zrc at micron.net (Rod Greene)  Tue Jul 16 05:32:00 1996
From: w7zrc at micron.net (Rod Greene) (Rod Greene)
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 96 22:32 MDT
Subject: How to: IARU scores to ARRL
Message-ID: < at micron.net>

At 12:10 PM 7/15/96 -0400, Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW wrote:
>    --FYI--
>     de KB1GW (kb1gw at arrl.org)
> - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
> - -
>The ARRL has FOUR (4) ways to enter ALL ARRL contests.
>Within 30 days after the contest, send your entries via:
>INTERNET - ASCII summary sheet and ASCII log file
>          (following the ARRL Suggested File Format)
>           to:  contest at arrl.org
>           Merge the summary sheet and log file together
>           into one file with an ASCII text editor and
>           send on Internet as a text message.

-----------------------BIG Snip ----------------------------------------
Glenn,  Shouldn't this (Internet)also include the FTP process?  My log files
are fairly large and the mail program at my ISP won't handle an e-mail that
large.  Also some don't handle the attachments very well either.  So I
followed the FTP upload information available at the ARRL web page.  Please
let me know if this is not an accepted way to submit.

thanks and 73, Rod
----- Rod Greene, w7zrc at micron.net, <>< -----

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