IOTA SA-057/SA-055 in the IOTA CONTEST

lu7dw at lu7dw at
Fri Jul 26 00:16:14 EDT 1996

Hello contesters,
 During this weekend (in the IOTA contest) I'll trying to work it from
 Timoteo Dominguez island (SA-057), but until this moment I haven't
 the  permit for landing in this island, because this island is under
 the Rio de  la Plata's treaty, and I need a special permit from CX's
 government for landing in this island, because it is unhabited and
 is a natural reserve.  If I can't gert this permit I'll work the
 contest from Martin Garcia island (IOTA SA-055).  Also from Martin
 Garcia is. will work during the contest LW8EXF.  She'll work all
 band CW & SSB with 100 Watts and a Butternut HF6V antenna.
 I hope to meet you during this weekend from some of this island.
 73 de Claudio LU7DW

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